A woman’s life is significantly influenced by being a mother, yet it is not the only aspect of it. They manage a full-time job, household duties, recreation activities, motherhood, and much more while breaking stereotypes and demonstrating that women can be incredible mothers.

Indian moms have mastered the art of turning blogging from a hobby to a professional career. Most moms started their journey by writing about their daily experiences as new mothers.

Mom blogs have helped countless parents by providing tips on parenting, childcare, pregnancy, and baby food, among many others. If you are someone who is expecting a child or is already a parent, mom blogs will give you the right information you need. In this blog, you will find some of the best mom bloggers in India in no particular order that you can look up to if you are in need of some parenting tips.

Who Are Exactly Mom Bloggers?

Mom bloggers are everyday mothers who blog about parenting, childcare, and baby products. They journal their experiences as a mother and help other parents to embrace the new journey of parenthood.

How Do Mom Bloggers Help People?

Mom bloggers help people in the following ways

  • Help new mothers deal with pregnancy in an easier way
  • Create a safe space for parents where they can discuss their problems and get solutions for them
  • Help new parents make the right buying decisions regarding baby products

List of Top 10 Mom Bloggers in India

1. Mansi Zaveri

Mansi Zaveri
Mansi Zaveri source

Mansi Zaveri founded the ‘Kids Stop Press’ to simplify parenting. She is the mother of 2 kids and is based out of Mumbai. Her blog ‘Kids Stop Press’ is a digital platform where you can find any help related to parenting. The blog is kept up to date with the latest parenting trends.

Here you can find information on pregnancy concerns, discovery, complications, breastfeeding, infants and baby, first food, toddler behaviour, discipline, skills, activities, education, and vaccination.

You can even find resources for the life of a dad, single parenting, parenting style, postnatal care, travel, and even podcasts on this blog.

Blog: kidsstoppress

 2. Mom Junction

Mom Junction
Mom Junction

Founded by Sangram Simha, Veerendra Shivhare, and Chaitanya Nallan, Mom junction is the largest community of moms worldwide. They post blog articles only after it has been approved by their medical review team. Hence, the information provided in the blog can be trusted.

You will find tips on how to get pregnant, symptoms, and infertility in the pregnancy guide week by week. Apart from pregnancy, you will also find breastfeeding information, food, health, and nutrition tips for babies, toddlers, kids, and teens.

You can also learn about single parenting, adoption, and baby products.


 3. Naiyya Sagi 

Naiyya Sagi
Naiyya Sagi source

Naiyaa Sagi’s blog ‘Baby Chakra’ is the fastest-growing platform for parents. They have more than 50 million content views per month and have served more than 2 million families

Here, you can chat with doctors, read parenting stories or be active in the parenting community. Apart from this, you can also shop for baby products and can even learn about pregnancy, baby and toddler care, and baby names.

‘Baby Chakra’ even has an app where you can access their services. Moreover, if you are a mom and always think of being creative with your cooking, then check out our new blog on top food bloggers in India to know the latest recipes and food trends.


4. Dr. Hemapriya

Dr. Hemapriya
Dr. Hemapriya source

Dr. Hemapriya is also known as ‘Doctor Mom’. She is a qualified medical practitioner and child nutritionist from Tamil Nadu. She is also a mother of 2 kids and wife to a pediatric cardiac surgeon.

Dr. Hemapriya posts blog articles after they are tried and tested. However, she claims she is not a parenting expert and believes that parenting is a journey where you learn and grow.

In her blog ‘My Little Moppet’, you can find information on parenting, health, nutrition, and education for toddler care, baby care, toys and activities, meal plan, videos, and recipes.

Blog: mylittlemoppet.com

5. Sangeetha Menon

Sangeetha Menon
Sangeetha Menon source

Sangeeta Menon left her corporate job as a business technologist to start her blogging career. She later starts ‘Bumps n Baby’ to provide a place where women can come, share and learn more about parenting.  She has been featured in several magazines, such as India Today, as one of the most successful mom bloggers and entrepreneurs, and the talk show ‘100 women series’ by Global BBC.

‘Bumps n Baby’ provides information on pregnancy ( prenatal care, postnatal care, labour, and delivery), mom (body, mind, parenting, tips, and tricks), food chart from 6 – 11 months, kids (nutrition, development, behaviour, safety, activities.

 You can also find recipes for baby food, lunch, meals, snacks, desserts, drinks, quick fixes, and reviews of baby products, apps, gadgets, websites, and so on.

Blog: bumpsnbaby

6. Ekta Chawla

Ekta Chawla
Ekta Chawla source

Ekta Chawla started the blog ‘Confused Parent’ to help new families that have minimal support from family and friends. Today it is one of the fastest-growing parenting communities and has catered to the needs of over 3 lakh expecting and young parents.

At ‘Confused parent’, you can get information on getting pregnant, body care, infertility, ovulation., weight gain, pregnancy food, newborn care, toddler and preschool, schools, games, and exercise for kids.

You can even find the best maternity hospitals. IVF centres by city. This includes cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Blog: confusedparent

7. Vaishali Sharma 

Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma source

Vaishali Sharma started her blog ‘The Champa Tree’ in 2014, around the same time when she was pregnant with her son. The blog is named after a flowering plant and talks about motherhood, parenting, babies, and childcare. 

Vaishali Sharma believes that no parenting question is silly and welcomes queries from her reader. In her blog, you can find real mom stories, pregnancy and parenting tips, toddler and baby care, as well as articles on health and fitness.

You can even find product reviews, articles on lifestyle, and tools for pregnancy tests and gender prediction. At ‘Champa Tree’, you can also shop all baby care essentials by brand.

Blog: thechampatree

8. Shruti Acharya 

Shruti Acharya 
Shruti Acharya source

Shruti Acharya founded the ‘Artsy Craftsy Mom’ to help kids learn the joy of working with their hands. This blog emphasizes arts and crafts. You can find activities by age for kids. She also gives away education, pregnancy, and childcare tips.

Her blog has been featured in several newspapers and magazines, such as The Times Of India, Deccan Herald, India Today, Make and Taste, Women’s Web, etc.

Blog: artsycraftsymom

9. Meghalee

Meghalee source

Meghalee had left her content writing job for marriage. To restart her career, she took up blogging. Her blog ‘Moms Cove’ focuses on pets, parenting, and positivity. She also aims to create quality content on her blog.

At ‘Moms Cove’ you can find pet parenting tips for dog and cat owners and explore aspects of motherhood. This includes articles on a variety of topics such as surrogacy, parenting at the time of screens, maintaining mental health as a new mom, and so on.

Blog: momscove

10. Tulika Singh

Tulika Singh
Tulika Singh source

Tulika Sigh is a reader and a blogger, and the mother of twins. She started her blog ‘Mom Obsession’ to document beautiful memories that she can look back on when her children leave the ‘nest’. 

She believes real-life twins are chaotic. The house is messy and beyond funny, and the children are naughty and beyond cute. In ‘Mom’s Obsession,’ you can read about the trials and joys of raising twins. You can also read her articles on life in general.

Blog: https://obsessivemom.in

How Do Mom Bloggers Earn Money?

1. By Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

Many mom bloggers choose to become Affiliate Marketers because it requires no investment. Also, because they need to put in minimal effort to start earning money, as an Affiliate Marketer, a mom blogger gets to promote a variety of products such as clothes, masks, shoes, diapers, shampoo, powder, toys, parenting books, bedding sets, and baby aprons, etc., and earn money per sale.

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2. By Accepting Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is a post that a company pays you to write. You can write reviews of baby products such as toys and clothes and earn money from the respective company. In some cases, the post will already be written for you, and all you would have to do is post it.

3. By Advertising With Google AdSense

All bloggers use Google Adsense because it pays per click. As a mom blogger, once you have gained sufficient traffic, you can allow advertisements on your page. With Google Adsense, you can earn money for relevant advertisements.

4. By Building An Email List

By building an email list, a mom blogger can deliver blogs directly to the inbox of the subscribers. You can also develop a meaningful relationship with your readers through regular communications and even promote your affiliate links and earn money.

In addition to this, we know how busy being a mom feels, so we have created this awesome list of top fashion bloggers in India so that you can get updated with the latest fashion tips and trends.


Parenting doesn’t come with a manual on what to do and what not to do. Therefore blogs by moms are important. They help new parents to figure out parenthood. With numerous articles on childcare, motherhood, and parenting, you can find your way to being the perfectly imperfect parent for your kids.


How much do mom bloggers make?

By becoming a mom blogger, you can earn up to ₹15,000 per month.

How many mom bloggers are there?

There are several mom bloggers in India. Some of the top mom bloggers are Mansi Zaveri, Naiyya Sagi, Dr. Hemapriya, Sangeetha Menon, and Ekta Chawla.

How do I start a successful mom blog?

You can start your own mom blog by following the steps below
1. Choose your niche
2. Choose a web hosting service
3. Set up your fashion blog
4. Start creating content and publish
5. Promote your blog and grow your audience
6. Start making money with your blog

What are mom blogs?

Mom bloggers are everyday mothers who blog about parenting, childcare, and baby products. They journal their experiences as a mother and help other parents to embrace the new journey of parenthood.

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