YouTube boasts a massive monthly user base of over 2.3 billion people, making it a potential money-making platform for anyone pursuing their passions. However, the catch is the staggering competition – with over 500 hours of content uploaded every minute.

To tap into YouTube’s vast audience, standing out from other content creators is crucial. And that’s where YouTube tools for keyword research come in. These tools provide a powerful way to set yourself apart and gain more YouTube views and visibility amidst the sea of videos.

To understand how keyword tools can benefit you on YouTube, continue reading.

Why are YouTube Keywords Important?

The foundation of a successful YouTube strategy lies in selecting the right keywords, but many videos overlook this aspect. YouTube operates as a search engine and a social network, necessitating a balanced approach for each video.

Like Google, YouTube’s search results are influenced by various signals, such as the video title, description, tags, and channel. While video quality, views and engagement are crucial ranking factors, it all starts with how well the search term aligns with the video’s textual elements.

Video keywords are particularly significant when you have fewer subscribers, relying heavily on search behaviour for content discovery. However, keywords remain paramount for continued growth even with a vast subscriber base. At every stage, YouTubers and YouTube marketers must carefully choose keywords to enhance their videos ‘ visibility and success.

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What does the YouTube Keyword Tool do?

With the YouTube Keyword Tool, you can research keywords pertinent to your niche and decide which ones to prioritise. You can identify the most relevant and popular terms by analysing the number of monthly searches for each keyword. This ensures that you focus on keywords people are searching for, maximising your video’s discoverability and potential audience reach.

List of Top Keyword Tools for YouTube

1. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a user-friendly, free browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, designed to enhance your YouTube experience. It seamlessly integrates with YouTube, providing valuable tools for content creators.

One of its prominent features is the keyword explorer, which assists you in discovering long-tail keywords to optimise your videos effectively on YouTube.

Additionally, TubeBuddy conducts a best practice audit to ensure your content aligns with YouTube’s recommendations.

The extension also facilitates video optimisation by suggesting relevant tags, aiding in better categorisation and visibility for your content.

Furthermore, it can translate your video’s title and description into multiple languages, expanding your potential audience globally.


Pricing$3.99/month$25.20/monthBUNDLE PRICING

2. VidIQ


VidIQ is a valuable tool for video content creators, providing them with insights to improve searchability through keyword research. When researching a search term, VidIQ retrieves data from YouTube, offering essential information like recommended tags and top-performing videos currently displayed in SERPs.

For more detailed analysis, VidIQ allows users to explore related keywords and access search volume reporting for the past month, year, or even since YouTube’s inception. This feature is beneficial for marketers as it confirms the use of appropriate keywords, explores new keyword options, and assesses competitors for better search rankings.

While VidIQ offers numerous other features for video creators, the keyword research tool requires a subscription.



3. is an excellent YouTube keyword tool that utilises autocomplete data to rank hundreds of keywords by popularity. It offers comprehensive lists of keywords, including suggestions, questions, prepositions, and hashtags.

With, you can supercharge your YouTube SEO efforts and uncover valuable keywords for your content. However, it’s worth noting that the free version has limitations, and accessing the full range of features may require a subscription. Nonetheless, it remains a powerful resource for optimising your YouTube content with relevant and popular keywords.


PlansPro BasicPro PlusPro Business

4. Ahrefs


The Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool is a powerful resource for finding valuable keywords to target in your YouTube content.

What sets Ahrefs apart is its ability to provide accurate search volume statistics for any keyword on YouTube in over 200 countries. Unlike other tools offering estimated popularity, Ahrefs gives you the average monthly search volume and the number of clicks on search results.

This valuable information allows you to identify high-volume keywords with low clicks, indicating that existing content might only partially satisfy searchers’ needs. This presents an opportunity for you to create better video content that captures this untapped traffic.



Tip for You: YouTube is not only about the content or information you present in your videos; it also heavily relies on the graphical quality. Using powerful video-ending software can play a vital role in achieving the desired outcome.

5. YouTube Autosuggest

YouTube Autosuggest
YouTube Autosuggest

Another excellent YouTube keyword tool is leveraging YouTube autosuggest. When you enter a keyword into the YouTube search box, a dropdown menu appears, presenting additional phrases based on relevant search queries users have previously made. This feature makes it a valuable resource for content optimisation.

While YouTube doesn’t disclose the search volumes for these suggested terms, manually exploring autosuggestions in the search box is a completely free method. Though it may be tedious, it allows you to access valuable insights without needing external tools or subscriptions.

Pricing – Free

6. Keyword Keg

keyword keg
Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a comprehensive 5-tool suite dedicated to keyword research, gathering data from 12 APIs. In the context of YouTube, its primary function is as a tag generator.

Input your keyword(s) into the search bar, and Keyword Keg will present a list of suggested keywords. This list can be valuable in deciding which keywords to incorporate into your titles, descriptions, and tags.

However, Keyword Keg offers more than the standard features. It includes a clever filter that allows you to display only keywords related to buyer intent. This filtering helps you narrow down keywords more likely to lead to conversions – a definite win for your content strategy.

Another helpful aspect is the ‘Trend’ column, which indicates whether a keyword’s search volume is trending up or down. This information helps you identify keywords with declining popularity, allowing you to focus on more promising options.


PlansSeo FreelancerSeo ConsultantSeo ExpertSeo Agency

7. Google Trends

Google Trends
Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable free resource for conducting YouTube keyword research. It allows users to refine their searches specifically for YouTube-related queries, making it an ideal tool for content creators.

With Google Trends, you can compare the relative popularity of various keywords, gaining insights into which ones are currently trending or attracting more interest. This information helps creators understand the audience’s preferences and tailor their content accordingly.

Moreover, Google Trends’ “Trends” feature enables users to explore and discover new potential topics that might be gaining traction on YouTube. This helps content creators stay ahead of the curve and create videos on subjects that are gaining popularity.

Pricing – Free

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8. Kparser


Kparser serves as an efficient keyword tag generator. The tool generates a comprehensive list of high-performing tags relevant to the topic by entering a word or phrase. It provides essential data such as search volume and cost per click for each tag.

This tool is precious for international businesses as it allows them to analyse keyword data and generate terms specific to different geographical locations and languages. With this capability, businesses can modify their SEO strategy according to individual countries and languages, optimising their content for diverse audiences worldwide.



9. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator
Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is an all-inclusive keyword research platform designed to assist you in discovering keyword ideas for YouTube, Amazon, Etsy, and various other platforms.

For YouTube, the platform employs YouTube’s Autocomplete service to uncover keywords directly from the platform itself. This feature lets users access relevant and trending keywords directly from YouTube’s search suggestions, optimising their video content and enhancing their YouTube SEO strategy.

Pricing – $39/one-time payment

10. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a data-focused browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that offers unique features. Unlike other tools, its primary focus is not on suggesting new phrases or tags but on providing precise and factual information.

When you search for a term on YouTube using Keywords Everywhere, you are instantly provided with valuable data such as monthly search volume, cost per click, competition level, and trend data.

Additionally, the Search Insights Widget presents even more valuable data for each search, giving users a comprehensive understanding of their chosen niche and their competition.

Its credit system is one aspect that sets Keywords Everywhere apart from other tools. Users purchase packages with a specific number of credits, and each search consumes a credit (1 credit per keyword).


PlansBronze (100,000 credits/year)Silver (400,000 credits/year)Gold (2 million credits/year)Platinum (8 million credits/year)

11. Semrush


Semrush provides digital marketers with intuitive keyword research tools that boost organic traffic to their YouTube content and outperform competitors.

By leveraging these tools, content creators can gain valuable insights into their target audience’s preferences, enabling them to generate new and engaging content ideas. This approach saves creators time by efficiently managing keywords and accessing up-to-date metrics from one convenient website.




In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best keyword tool for YouTube, several options offer valuable features and insights. Each tool mentioned in this blog provides unique advantages, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritise accurate data, trend analysis, or international SEO, there’s a perfect fit for your YouTube marketing strategy. Choose wisely and unlock the full potential of your YouTube content with these powerful keyword tools.


How do I find the best keyword for YouTube?

There are several tools you can use to find the best keyword for YouTube like
1. TubeBudyy
2. VidIQ
4. Ahrefs
5. Google Trends
6. Kparser
7. Keyword Keg

What are the keywords for YouTube?

YouTube channel keywords are essential phrases and terms that define and characterize your channel. These keywords are incorporated into your channel description and tags, explicitly identifying your niche and the content you create.

Do keywords help YouTube?

YouTube keywords and search tags play a critical role as they assist YouTube algorithms in assessing the quality and relevance of your content to different search queries.

How many keywords are best for a YouTube channel?

Optimal channel keywords typically range from 5 to 7, comprising approximately 50-75 characters.

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