Become Udemy affiliate and Earn Flat 7% affiliate commission on purchase of all Udemy online cources placed through your affiliate link. Promote Udemy affiliate program and start earning today

Udemy is an online site that provides various online courses. People can choose from 100,000 different courses, from Business to Photography, IT, Personal Development, and others. They usually offer discounts of up to 96%, along with expert instructions and lifetime access. Udemy also runs an affiliate program which you can join through EarnKaro and get a Flat 7% affiliate commission on the sale of every product.

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Company Profile:

Udemy Logo
Udemy Logo

Udemy Affiliate Commission Rate Details

The commission is the amount an EarnKaro user earns on every order placed through their Udemy Course links.

User TypeCommission / Profit Rate
New UsersFlat 7%
Old UsersFlat 7%

Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

By becoming an affiliate marketer via EarnKaro, affiliates can earn the best commission of up to ₹20,000 per month or more. The commission may vary depending on the number of transactions made through their links.

2. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

At EarnKaro Udemy, orders are usually tracked within 5 days of transaction and with the missing percentage as low as 1% on average. Your commission/Profit takes up to 50 days to get Confirmed.

3. Payment

You can transfer all your earned profit/commission straight into your bank account as real cash. You just need to have a minimum of ₹10 as a confirmed profit to place the request.

4. No Documentation is Required

No documentation is required to become an affiliate partner on EarnKaro. You can simply download the app and sign-up for FREE.

5. Tools for Automation

Use EarnKaro’s exclusive Affiliaters Tool to Simplify and make your deal-sharing process effective. Affiliates with large Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram groups can use these tools to make their money-earning journey smooth.

Why Choose EarnKaro to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

EarnKaro Banner
EarnKaro Banner

Here are the 3 best reasons to choose EarnKaro for joining this affiliate program.

  • Share the best deals on online courses for Businesses in Photography, IT, Personal Development, and others
  • Get a guaranteed commission on every Online Course purchase made on Udemy through your Udemy EarnKaro affiliate link.
  • Directly Withdraw all your earned commission/profit into your Bank Account as real cash.

Important Details About Udemy Affiliate Program

PayoutFlat 7%
Type of campaignCost Per Sale (CPS)
Joining feesFREE
Exclusive CouponsNo
Profit Confirmation50 days
Deep linking possibleYes
Earning through Referral ProgramNA

Tracking Information

Tracking time is the time a transaction takes to show up in your EarnKaro account in Pending status.

Tracking time or frequency5 Days of transaction
Cookie Duration7 Days
Mobile WebYes
Multiple ConversionsYes

Marketing Options For Promotions

Text LinkYes
Email (Text)Yes
Custom Email (Text)Yes
Email (HTML)Yes
POP TrafficYes
Native AdsYes
Social MediaYes
Facebook AdsYes
SEM – Brand Keyword(s)No
SEM – Generic Keyword(s)Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s)Yes

Payment Information

Payment Duration6-8 Days
Requirement for PaymentOnly Bank Details
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum Withdrawal₹10

How to Join Udemy Affiliate Program in India?

Here are the important steps to get started with Udemy as an affiliate marketer.

1. Find Affiliate Platform: You can join the affiliate program through Udemy itself, but you should fulfil their

guidelines to do that. Another way around this is that you can join it through any trusted affiliate marketing network like EarnKaro.

2. Create your Profile: Your next step will be to create your profile. There is no documentation needed for it.

3. Select a Course to Promote: Your next step will be to select a course that you want to promote and copy its URL.

4. Create Affiliate Link: Now you can convert your link into an affiliate link which will be used in tracking transactions.

5. Promote your Link: You can share your affiliate link into your social network and earn a commission whenever someone buys the course while walking through your link.

6. Withdrawal of Commission: You can withdraw all of your earned commission straight into your bank account just by requesting a withdrawal.

Service Locations

Udemy is an online education platform that provides online courses for students and working professionals. Its online courses can be accessed from every corner of India. Some of the places where you can buy these courses are:

  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Surat
  • Jaipur
  • Gurugram
  • Mumbai
  • Lucknow
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad

Please Note:
1. In case the user’s transaction is cancelled/returned for any reason, the commission will not be ‘Confirmed’ and will be ‘Cancelled’ as per policies.
2. Commission rates are subject to change and differ with every retailer. Please check the commission rates on the EarnKaro App or Website before promoting.

Why Choose Udemy Affiliate Program?

Udemy is an online Study Platform popular across the world.  It is a go-to Learning destination for most students and professionals in India. It has almost 49M+ Learners, 64K+ Instructors, 185K+ Courses, 680M+ Course enrolments, 75 Languages, and 10,500+ Enterprise Customers. Here you can share deals on online courses from the top professional instructors.

Wide Range of Online Courses to Promote Online

Udemy has one of the best education affiliate programs in India and provides a Wide Range of Online Courses for almost every Industry. Here are some of the Industries Courses that you can Promote.

1. Design Courses

There is a wide Verity of Design Courses available on Udemy. You can share courses related to the Website’s UI/UX design, photo and video editing, and many more design courses.

2. Development Courses

Udemy provides many Development Courses and is very popular amongst IT professionals. Here You can promote development Courses for Different Programming languages and Scripts Like Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, C, AJAX, and many more.

3. Marketing Courses

There are various Organic and Paid Marketing courses available on Udemy to Promote, like Courses for Copywriting, Digital Marketing,  Google Ads, Marketing Research, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketing, SEO, and Instagram Marketing. You can also learn how to become an online seller in India here.

4. Personal Development Courses:

Udemy also provides various personal development courses like Life Coach training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Speed Reading, Memory, Confidence, and Leadership Courses. Which you can share within your network.

Also, there are many other categories for which you can find courses on Udemy, like Business and IT Software. Photography, Music, and many more, which you can Promote within your network.

How Does Udemy Affiliate Program Work?

Udemy affiliate working process
This process shows how you can earn by joining the Affiliate program via EarnKaro & earn by promoting deals on Udemy courses with your friends & families.

Meet Our Affiliate Marketers

Udemy affiliate marketers at EarnKaro
This is just the testimonial that shows How EarnKaro Udemy marketers are earning an average commission of ₹10,000/month

Other Information


App: Android & iOS

Social Media: FacebookInstagram & Twitter

Contact Details: You can reach out to the Udemy Help Page for all your Queries and Questions.


Does Udemy have an affiliate program?

Yes, Udemy does provide an affiliate program. But you can also join it through trusted affiliate marketing platforms like EarnKaro, where no documentation will be needed.

What is the Udemy affiliate program?

this affiliate program is provided by Udemy. Which allows affiliates to promote Udemy online courses within their network and rewards them with a commission on every transaction made through their affiliate link. You can join this program through EarnKaro

How to join this affiliate program?

Anyone can join the affiliate program by downloading the EarnKaro app and signing – up for free. Create your affiliate link via EarnKaro and start earning today.

How much can we make through this affiliate program?

At EarnKaro, an affiliate makes an average of ₹20,000/ month. You can even earn more by joining this affiliate program via Earkaro.

how much does Udemy pay affiliates?

With EarnKaro, you can earn an affiliate commission of a Flat 7% on every online course purchased through your affiliate link on Udemy.

Who can join this Program?

Someone who owns a Website (Blog) or YouTube Channel or has a good number of followers on any social media network can become an Affiliate via EarnKaro & start earning by sharing deals on Udemy online courses.

Will EarnKaro help with any doubts?

Absolutely! For any queries, you can contact EarnKaro support by dropping a mail at

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