T-shirts are one of the best products to sell online. Why? Because they are available in a wide price range, they can be worn on different occasions and can be easily matched with your outfit choices. No matter who you are and where you go, you need t-shirts. People looking for an efficient business can sell t-shirts online in several ways and make good money. Let us look at the different aspects and things you may need to understand before selling t-shirts online.

Why Selling T-shirts Online is a Good Idea?

  1. Huge Demand: No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. Everyone needs t-shirts. According to Statista, the t-shirt business is valued at $38 billion and will surpass $50 billion in just five years. That is a huge market you are tapping into.
  2. Different Choices: T-shirts are one of those articles in which you can offer many choices to satisfy the needs of different consumers.  Different types include casuals, polos, formals, v-necks, sleeveless, full sleeves and many more. You can venture into any category to earn good profits.
  3. Perfect Opportunity for Designers: Selling customized t-shirts can give budding graphic designers a great opportunity to flaunt their talent and expertise. Companies like Urban Money, The Souled Store, Beyoung etc., have built niche audiences by creating unique designs for their customized t-shirts.
  4. Easy to Market: T-shirts are the most visible part of any person’s outfit, which makes them an easy-to-market product. Anyone who flaunts their new tees on social media provides free marketing for your products. You can afford to spend less on marketing since your designs and customers will do the job for you.

Different Ways to Sell T-shirts Online

  1. Launch your Website: Due to the huge demand for different kinds of t-shirts, starting your own manufacturing business can be a good idea. If you have the money to invest, love designing apparel and are passionate about building a business that is all your own, starting a website is a great idea. You may need different things like hosting, domain, SSL, e-commerce website builder, payment gateway, manufacturing facility, supply chain management, etc.
  2. Online Retailers: One of the easiest ways to sell t-shirts online includes online retail websites. Top Indian apparel websites, including Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Amazon and many more, will help you blow up your business in no time. All you have to do is list your products on these platforms, and you are ready to sell. Online retailers will ask for a small commission on every sale, which might seem insignificant once your business gets its wings.
  3. Use Social Media: Like a website, running a business through social media may require manufacturing or sourcing products from different suppliers. You can run your business on Instagram Storefront and Facebook Marketplace, the top social media selling platforms.

Platforms to Sell T-shirts Online

Platforms to Sell T-shirts Online

Now that you have decided which way you want to go and if it is not launching your website, you need to choose which platform you use to list your products. Surely, you can list your products on more than one online retail website to maximize your profit. Let us have a look at the top choices.

1. EarnKaro: EarnKaro is an affiliate marketing platform through which you can partner with over 150 brands. Some of the top brands include Myntra, Ajio, TataCliq, Flipkart and many more. Resellers can look for t-shirts they want to promote, convert their links into affiliate links through EarnKaro, and share them with their network. Every time anyone makes a successful purchase through their affiliate link, they will earn an affiliate commission.

2. Amazon: The largest marketplace in the world, Amazon has a stronghold in online retail in India and the world. Once you list your t-shirts on the Amazon network, you get in front of more than 310 million people worldwide. Make sure to provide high-quality products at affordable prices to maximize your potential.

3. Flipkart: Flipkart is one of the top online marketplaces in India. You can be a t-shirt manufacturer, vendor or supplier and easily sell your products online on Flipkart. T-shirt sellers can sell on Flipkart by registering on the platform, listing their catalogue and starting their business. The process is free. The platform also helps vendors maximize their potential through logistics, cataloguing support, product photoshoots and packaging materials.

4. Myntra: Myntra is a user-friendly clothing platform with huge traffic growth and is one of India’s most popular online stores. The platform is good for selling stylish tees due to its efficient cataloguing support and well-set customer supply chain management. Hence, the sellers can focus on their brand. Moreover, various channel promotion campaigns, social media engagement, and in-depth analytics help the seller understand what the customers want.

5. Snapdeal: Snapdeal’s half-yearly customer visits stand at 75.12 million unique clicks, making it one of the most famous online retailers in the country. The Snapdeal marketplace is supporting retailers all around the world by assisting sellers in fast establishing their businesses. The company has a track record of selling and delivering its goods to more than 5,000 Indian cities and villages, making it a great place to maximize the size of your online t-shirt business.

6. Ajio: Ajio is an Indian brand launched under the umbrella of Reliance Retail. The website has created a huge customer base within five years of its business and gets much traffic from Indian customers. This means there is much potential for selling t-shirts on Ajio. The platform is a very user-friendly marketplace that makes it easy for buyers to find the items they are looking for and easy for sellers to list and manage their items.

7. Meesho: With more than 6 lakh sellers available on the platform, Meesho is one of the most profitable retail websites available on the internet. T-shirt sellers can easily list their products on Meesho and start earning. Meesho also allows reselling, adding an income stream to your business.

8. Tata Cliq: Tata Cliq is another Indian brand with a good user base and easy seller onboarding. A platform is great for t-shirt sellers due to a high loyalty and trust score, easy listings, fast payments and a streamlined process for buyers and sellers.

9. eBay: eBay is one of the oldest online retail websites in the world, with hundreds of millions of downloads in 2022. The platform is a huge platform for sellers as well as resellers. T-shirt suppliers and manufacturers can easily list their new and used products on the website and start selling to a huge population worldwide.

10. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook is the top platform for people with the greatest spending potential. Facebook Marketplace has a reputation for skyrocketing your business due to its ability to advertise to many users, affordable facilities and useful insights to make your business more efficient every day. Also, have a look at best reselling app in india for clothes in India.

Ways to Optimize your Online T-shirt Business

  1. Find Your Niche: Any firm that wants to succeed needs to have a niche.  When people shop online, they are frequently motivated by an exploratory phase in which they seek information about products or other topics. People find your t-shirt company via various sources, such as blog postings, search engine results, social media posts, or adverts. It’s critical to understand your niche to cater to consumer needs. Do you offer personalized t-shirts with music or art themes? Are you trying to make a statement with your clothing? What distinguishes your business from the myriad of other T-shirt manufacturers out there?
  2. Determine your Product: Once you have found your potential market, it is time to understand more about your product. What raw material are you going to use? What kind of t-shirts will you supply? How will you print designs on these t-shirts?  Answering all of these questions will help you streamline the process of launching your brand.
  3. Hire Designers: Sure, you can sell the decades-old styles that every supplier provides, or you can hire creative visual graphic designers to help you create a distinct style for your business. It would be a big help if you knew how to design products and were clear about what you want your t-shirts to represent.
  4. Take Feedback: Now that you have mockups for your tees and think those are the best designs you can make, it is time to take a necessary step. Get a set of objective eyes on your designs. Take feedback from people whom you know to be knowledgeable about clothing and design. You can reach out to your potential customers, take social media polls and even send free tees to influencers and online creators to gain insights through comments. This will help you get an objective understanding of where you lag.
  5. Focus on Marketing: It is a cutthroat business climate out there, and to succeed, you need to invest in different marketing channels. You can run paid ads on social media, collaborate with influencers, host giveaways, and use content marketing in the beginning stages of your business. Once you feel comfortable, you can invest heavily in celebrity collaborations and online/offline campaigns.

Combine Affiliate Marketing with your Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for t-shirt sellers to supplement their earnings. You can sell your products on different online retail websites through affiliate links and earn double through sales and affiliate commissions. Check out EarnKaro. You can easily register on the platform without documentation, find your products or other brands’ t-shirts on different partner websites, make links through EarnKaro and share them with your network. You will earn guaranteed commissions every time an order is placed through your affiliate link.


Selling t-shirts can be a great way to make a huge income. There is enough demand & supply for you to dip your hands in the ocean. Now that you have reached the end of this article, you know the different ways, platforms and best practices to sell t-shirts online. All that is left for you is to start working towards building your brand. Good luck!

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