The technological revolution has changed how people shop, especially for clothing. More and more people are opting for the online route rather than going to brick-and-mortar stores. For most people, this is not a big deal. However, for budding entrepreneurs, this new industry can be a goldmine. People can earn a handsome income by using a huge quantity of used clothing and selling them online. They can source these clothes from suppliers or even engage in promotions through affiliate marketing. These ways can become a full-fledged business in less than a year. Today, we will discuss all the necessary details you should know before starting the apparel industry. So, let’s get started!

Platforms to Resell Clothes Online

Reselling clothes
Resell clothes from most popular Fashion brand

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro logo
EarnKaro logo

EarnKaro is an affiliate marketing platform that has ties with more than 150 online retailers. Some big names include Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, and Jack & Jones. People not looking to invest much money or time into their business can share products from different online retailers through EarnKaro. EarnKaro provides an affiliate link for any product available on its partner website. You can share these links on any social media platform. You will earn a sure-shot commission whenever someone purchases through your link. This is one of the best ways to become a clothing reseller if you need more time to invest in your business.

2. Personalized Website

People with bigger ambitions and goals can run their clothing business through their website. In 2024, creating your website has become easier than ever due to the availability of affordable hosting, domain, website builders and much more. All you need to worry about is high-quality sourcing products and marketing them properly, and your business will be up and running in no time. You can also use Shopify to build your e-commerce website in no time.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark logo
Poshmark logo

Poshmark is one of the largest fashion social commerce marketplaces. In this app, you can buy, sell and share your style. You can create your group profile or follow other fashionistas and admire their fashion style here. Resellers can also list products and share images of products on Poshmark.

4. Pantha

Pantha logo
Pantha logo

Whether you want to earn extra cash or start your thrift store, Pantha lets you do that. Getting started on Pantha can be super easy. Resellers only need to take a photo of the used clothing item, write a brief business description and post it on the platform. Once their first sale is confirmed, resellers can use Pantha’s easy-to-use app to manage their store, shipping, and payments all in one place.

5. FreeUp

FreeUp logo
FreeUp logo

FreeUp is an online used items marketplace where you can list items in less than 30 seconds. The platform allows sellers to focus on their products and sales rather than logistics, packing or deliveries. All of these activities are handled by FreeUp on behalf of the sellers. You can easily make money by listing your clothing products on this platform.

6. Meesho

Meesho logo
Meesho logo

Meesho provides shopping choices for customers at the lowest prices in the market. The platform has a vast inventory of products ranging from apparel to cosmetics to home utility and kitchen products. With over 100 million downloads, Meesho will surely help you skyrocket your business in no time.

7. Shopsy

Shopsy logo
Shopsy logo

To reach 200-250 million customers through its affordable platform, Flipkart has launched the reselling marketplace, Shopsy. Resellers can easily list their items at 0% commission and start selling to various consumers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. Shopsy is a trustworthy platform due to the backing from Flipkart helps resellers gain customers in the minimum amount of time.

8. eBay

eBay logo
eBay logo

It is an international online marketplace where sellers can list new and used items. There is no limit on what articles you can list on the platform. In return for a small commission of around 10%, eBay allows clothing resellers to reach more than 500 million of its current users. The platform is also well-known in both national and international markets.

9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp logo
WhatsApp logo

It has not been long since WhatsApp rolled out its business version. The WhatsApp Business app allows users to display their products in a gallery. You can also display prices, features and conditions along with the items. WhatsApp Business also allows clothing resellers to display their business location, social handles and contact number. It is a great way for entrepreneurs to kickstart their clothing reselling business.

10. Instagram

Instagram logo
Instagram logo

Instagram has rolled out its Instagram Storefront feature in which business and professional accounts can show their products to the public. Instagram has a monthly user base of more than 2 billion people, all of whom can be your target audience. Instagram is a great place to start your clothing reselling business as it allows you to create engaging content to attract prospective clients and generate revenue from the content while promoting your main business simultaneously. If you do not wish to create a storefront, you can also carry out your business through stories, DMs and posts.

11. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace logo
Facebook Marketplace logo

Just like Instagram, Facebook is also a big market for clothing resellers in India. With over a billion active users on the platform, Facebook has entered the e-commerce industry by launching Facebook Marketplace, where resellers can display their clothing products, run ad campaigns and gain customers easily. Facebook’s geotracked ads easily allow you to gain local and nearby customers.

Why should you Resell Clothes Online?

  1. Big Market: The online fashion industry is expanding rapidly, and you can surely get a sizable slice of the cake. The industry was valued at more than $550 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow 8% per annum to reach $1.6 trillion by 2030.
  2. Different Sale Options: As a clothing reseller, you can select which type of clothing you want to specialize in. You can choose between men’s, women’s or children’s clothing. Other choices you need to make must be about materials, occasions, price range, designs, etc. You can create different categories from the infinite options available in the industry.
  3. Easily Sell Online: Since there is much competition in the market, sellers benefit from the low commissions and charges that online retailers ask from them. There are several online fashion retail websites where you can easily list your products and start selling. You can also create your website to sell your products.
  4. Different Business Models: Entrepreneurs can enter the clothing industry through different business models. They can resell branded clothing and white-label clothes prepared by other manufacturers or become an affiliate for different clothing products.

Best Practices to Earn by Reselling Clothes Online

  1. Set Attainable Goals: When starting is important to be pragmatic but optimistic. You need to understand that businesses take time to succeed. Keep realistic goals about your sales figures to handle shortcomings in your business.
  2. Source Well: Every seller should ask themselves a question before starting their clothing business. What will set my business apart from the crowd? For most people, the answer would be quality and design. The quality of your products will make or break your long-term goals. It would help if you always aimed to have good quality clothing with good fabric, printing and designs.
  3. Do Market Research: You need to know about all the intricacies of the industry you are getting into. We are talking about advertising costs, competition research, commissions, and any charges you may incur while running your business. Doing proper research will prepare you for any surprises in advance.
  4. Unique Products: There are tons of resellers out there. Every day more people are joining the industry. To ensure your business is protected from the competition, it is important to find unique outfits to sell to your customers. Unique designs matched with affordable prices will help you make a place in every customer’s mind easily.
  5. Different Marketing Tactics: A good reseller does not leave all the eggs in one basket regarding marketing. A good marketing strategy involves a healthy mix of different modern-day marketing techniques. Beginners can use social media, content, and influencer marketing to advertise their business and slowly build a rapport with their potential customers.
  6. Keep your Inventory in check: Cancelling orders because you do not have the product available is embarrassing. You should always check your clothing inventory to ensure that you and your customers avoid any problems while buying a clothing item.

Use Affiliate Marketing to Earn Extra while Reselling Clothing Online

You can supplement your income through affiliate marketing if you have listed your clothing products on major online retail platforms like Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, and others. Platforms like EarnKaro provide users with a commission for bringing sales to their partner websites. All you need to do is enter your product links in EarnKaro, create your affiliate links and share them with your network. Then, your work is done. You will earn a commission any time someone purchases through your link. This is a useful trick to increase your income while selling clothes online.


Reselling clothes online can be a fun and profitable venture. Use different marketing techniques and platforms to build your business, and remember to join it with affiliate marketing. This will provide you with more income and better investment opportunities for your business. Find the clothing products you are most passionate about and start with them. Best of Luck!

Some Other Ways to Make Money:


Is reselling clothing profitable?

Yes, reselling clothes is really profitable. You can earn up to ₹50,000/month by reselling clothes online.

Where can I buy clothes to resell online?

You can buy clothes directly from the brand, manufacturer, or distributor itself. You can also check offline marketplaces to buy clothes for reselling.

How do you successfully resell clothes?

You can easily resell clothes by joining as a seller on popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart. Facebook Marketplaces and Instagram is also good place to resell clothes online.

What is the best app to sell clothes on?

There are quite a few apps available to sell clothes. Some of these are:
· Amazon
· Flipkart
· Ajio
· Myntra

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