Footwear is the type of product that remains valuable for a long time. Branded footwear products can be sold online by anyone without spending much time or money on their new business. Reselling women’s footwear can be a great business if you have the knowledge and passion for the latest trends in fashion and valuable vintage items. You can take advantage of the increasing e-commerce user base, technological and logistical improvement, and information available at your fingertips. Let us look at the different things you need to know before becoming a footwear reseller. So, let’s begin!

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What is Reselling?

Reselling is the practice of buying or sourcing products with the sole purpose of selling them again. Reselling is generally done by distributors, wholesalers, and retailers; now, even consumers are getting their piece in the reselling industry. Reselling can be done in different ways, including sourcing products directly from suppliers, selling old products, or even promoting products on other retail websites. You can make a good earning by choosing either of these routes. Do check our guide on how to make money by reselling items in India for more info.

Why should you think about Reselling Women’s Footwear?

  1. No Inventory Cost: Resellers generally source products from suppliers and consumers, so they do not have to keep inventory at hand. They only need to arrange the products which are ordered on their webpage.
  2. Huge Industry Size: Women’s footwear is a huge market growing constantly. The market size is expected to expand to more than $219 billion by 2030 at a growth rate of 5% per annum. Reselling women’s footwear will surely make up a sizable portion of this number.
  3. Different Platforms: Reselling footwear has become increasingly reachable due to dedicated reselling platforms allowing you to list your products. You can also create your website to sell these footwear items.
  4. Range of Products: There is no limit on what you can resell and what you cannot. Products like heels, shoes, boots, sneakers, ballerinas, slippers, sandals and many more can be sold online at a good margin to help you create a viable business.

Platforms to Resell Women’s Footwear Online

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro logo
EarnKaro logo

EarnKaro is an online affiliate marketing platform with 150+ partner brands. Footwear resellers can find products on the EarnKaro website and share them with their network. They can even find products on the partner websites and make their affiliate links through EarnKaro. Share these links with your network and bring sales to earn hefty commissions.

How To Resell Using EarnKaro

2. eBay

eBay logo
eBay logo

eBay is one of the most liked platforms for selling new and used footwear, even though it levies listing and selling fees. You can reach hundreds of millions of potential buyers by listing your products on eBay. Remember to factor in delivery charges in addition to eBay listing and selling fees when determining your listing price. This will help you keep your profits high even after paying fees for the platform.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark logo
Poshmark logo

Poshmark is the leading social marketplace for new and secondhand styles for women, men, kids, and more. It’s really simple to post and sell your shoes and other stuff on Poshmark, thanks to their free app. The website claims that listing your stuff for sale takes 30 seconds. They charge a flat amount of $2.95 for all sales less than $15. You will pay a 20% fee and pocket 80% of the sales price for any $15 or higher listings. You can ask for payment to be made directly into your bank account after the buyer receives the item, or Poshmark will mail you a cheque.

4. Dukaan

dukaan logo
dukaan logo

Dukaan is the business maker app. It helps businesses create an online presence and sell their products to customers. Footwear resellers can make a catalogue for their business in less than 30 seconds and start their online store through Dukaan. The platform manages resellers’ products, inventory, marketing, payments, and logistics. It links store owners to customers through Whatsapp Business, Facebook Marketplace, and many different sources.

5. Meesho

Meesho logo
Meesho logo

Reselling footwear with Meesho is a method to start your own company with no money out of pocket. As a reseller, you promote the products available on the Meesho app to your network or through social media, and you get paid for each purchase. The app allows you to browse more than a million products.

6. Glowroad

Glowroad logo
Glowroad logo

One of the most popular reseller apps in India, Glowroad has thousands of sellers, including homemakers and graduate students, who have launched their online businesses and earned money with pride. Resellers can access a virtual store, millions of products from reliable suppliers, payment options, and shipping services. These facilities help resellers focus on their business rather than worrying about the logistics.

7. Kixify

Kixify logo
Kixify logo

Kixify is an online marketplace where you can sell new and used sneakers and other shoes. You can easily create a free store without any listing costs. However, you will pay an 8% commission when you sell your shoes. Kixify takes a percentage of the money from your sale and sends the rest to you via PayPal.

8. iOffer


iOffer is an online store where you can buy and sell new and used shoes. With iOffer, opening a store is free, and there are no listing fees. This reduces the cost of using the site, especially for beginners. But after your item sells, you’ll have to pay a commission fee ranging from 8.5 to 10%. Additionally, you can pay ‘premium’ listing fees to increase views.

9. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace logo
Facebook Marketplace logo

Facebook has been developing its features to include a virtual marketplace in addition to being a very well-liked social media website. A social media giant is a practical tool for reaching out to local and nearby customers due to its geo-tracked advertising options. You also get access to a big user base, unique selling opportunities, and useful insights.

Moreover, if you are looking to resell Ajio products but don’t know where to start? Check out our guide on how to join Ajio affiliate program and get started.

Best Practices to follow to Resell Women’s Footwear Online

  1. Do your Research: Some shoes sell more quickly than others. To avoid being forced to keep your stock for weeks, you must research the trends and customer choices. If you are willing to do your homework, you can go the extra mile to charity shops, bazaars, and secondhand markets and buy in quantity with the assurance that you can sell your merchandise for a profit on reselling websites or other connected marketplaces. You can stock different designs and colors of footwear in style at your store in addition to the shoe brands you are familiar with.
  2. Take High-Quality Pictures: Buyers can only learn about the shoes you are offering through your photos. As a result, you must present your shoes in the best possible light. Also, remember that any flaws should be highlighted in the photograph, so the customer has no reason to object. Take pictures of your shoes from the front, back, and overhead angles, as well as the soles, so the consumer can see what they are purchasing. Spend some time enhancing the look and appearance of your shoes, as this will increase their value. To make a background devoid of distractions, you might also wish to tape a couple of sheets of white posterboard together.
  3. Set your Prices: Initially, you should set your prices somewhat low but not so low that you lose trust. You want to set a price where bidders will feel more at ease. However, if you have high-quality shoes, it might not make sense. In that case, it is advised that you set the price appropriately.
  4. Use Keywords: You need to use keywords correctly to get successful on the internet. Make sure your product description corresponds to the most common search terms. Researching relevant keywords before listing your items on any platform is best.
  5. Marketing is Important: Footwear resellers can use social media to attract an audience. Put in some effort to increase your following across several social media platforms. Social media allows you to choose from various ad and post formats to target particular demographic groups. Videos and pictures showing your footwear items in use are excellent ways to showcase your product.
  6. Be Attentive to Listing Fees: An expense that may have an impact on your bottom line is listing fees. Maintain a cost-effective listing strategy, or you will risk losing your income to website fees. According to eCommerce Weekly, using your design templates and manually adding listings will save you between $520 and $1,200 annually. Select the best category for your shoes as well to save yourself from different website charges.


Reselling footwear can be a great way to earn money while utilizing your ambition for style and fashion. You can choose any platform mentioned above to start your reselling business in no time.

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