Ready to uncover the secrets of raking in cash on YouTube without making your own videos? Let’s explore creative strategies to tap into this digital gold mine without ever stepping in front of the camera. Get ready for a world of exciting opportunities and income streams that go beyond the usual content creation!

List of Top Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

1. Sharing Content from other Creators

One of the easiest and most popular ways to make money on YouTube without making your videos is by sharing content from other creators. This method is about curating and posting videos created by others, a practice often called aggregation.

In simple terms, you become a curator rather than a content creator. This saves you a lot of time while also attracting readers who are interested in the content you’re sharing. For example, The Movie Coverage YouTube channel gathers up all the coolest movie trailers for you to watch.

You’ve got some options when it comes to posting other people’s content on YouTube, but it’s really important to play by the copyright and licensing rules to dodge issues like those Matched Third-Party notifications:

  • Original Videos: You can share full, original videos from other creators on your channel, but here’s the catch – you need explicit permission and proper attribution. Not following these rules might get you those Matched Third-Party notifications, and that could mean sharing ad revenue or even losing your YouTube account.
  • Creative Commons Video Content: Some creators use Creative Commons licenses. That means they’re okay with you using their content in your videos. To find this kind of content, just filter your search results for Creative Commons-licensed videos. But, and it’s a big but, make sure you stick to the rules of that specific license.

2. Share Slide Decks and Presentations

Whether you want to teach people something new or promote your business, using a slide deck or presentation works like magic.

With tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can create tutorials or online courses. Just show what’s on your screen as you talk, and then share it for everyone to see. Like this example below.

People really use this method in all sorts of areas, like:

  • Teaching languages
  • Sharing real estate tips
  • Helping people drive safely
  • Interior design
  • Photography

3. Audio-Only Podcasts

Podcasts have become a huge hit, and people love listening to informative, fun, and captivating audio content whenever they want. It’s a golden chance to build your brand and connect with potential clients.

Got a topic you’re passionate about or know like the back of your hand? Think about launching a podcast all about it and sharing it on YouTube.

The cool thing about podcasts is that it’s all about your voice—no need to show your face on camera or deal with all the video editing.

The only visual thing you’ll need is a cover photo for your podcast, which can be anything related to your topic. No need to put your face out there if you don’t want to!

4. Live Stream Video Games

If you’re into playing video games, here’s something you can do – share your gaming adventures with the world! You can either live stream your gameplay or record it and add your own commentary.

YouTube is a fantastic place for this. You can live stream your gaming sessions or put together highlight reels of your epic wins and share all your gaming wisdom.

Why do people love it? Well, it’s like gaming together with friends, even if they’re far away. They get to chat with you and other gamers while watching the action up close.

5. Advertise with YouTube Ads

Getting the word out to as many people as possible is super important in business. And guess what? YouTube is a fantastic way to do just that!

You link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube account, and you can start making money through ads as a YouTube Partner.

You can earn around 10 to 30 cents for each ad view, with an average of about 18 cents. So, for every 1,000 video views, that’s $3 to $5 in your pocket or $18 for every 1,000 ad views.

But it’s not just about the cash. Advertising on YouTube gets the word out about your business and products, which can boost your sales. So, you can make money on YouTube without making your videos.

6. Become a YouTube Consultant

Not everyone who starts a YouTube channel ends up becoming a big YouTuber. It can be pretty tough, and many people eventually give it up.

If you get how YouTube works, you can use your knowledge to help others and make money without making videos yourself!

For example, you can share your expertise in creating awesome content people love watching. You can guide newbies on setting up their channels, making top-notch videos, and even show them how to earn through the YouTube Partner Program.

7. Start a Blog

Ever stumbled upon a blog with YouTube videos? Well, there’s a good chance the person behind it is making some money!

If you have the skills and a passion for it, you can start your free WordPress blog and spice up your content with videos. You can even use videos made by others as long as you give credit to the original creators. It’s a creative method to use your blog to earn money from YouTube.

8. Watch Videos for Nielsen

Nielsen is a big research company that gives you a chance to make $50 each year just by sharing info about how you use the internet.

Basically, if you join in with Nielsen, you can actually earn money by watching YouTube videos and letting them know what you’re checking out online. It’s totally safe and easy, and you don’t have to do anything different – just keep browsing and watching like you usually do.

9. Join YouTube Partner Program

Creating or sharing awesome content is just the beginning of your YouTube journey. You don’t have to be the one making the videos, but you do need to find content that your audience will love and then spread the word about your YouTube channel on social media to get more people watching.

Once you’ve got some views and a solid group of subscribers, you can take a big step forward by applying for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

YouTube Partner Program Eligibility
YouTube Partner Program Eligibility source

To join the YPP, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months, and a clean record on YouTube. Once you’re in, you can make money through ads, your subscribers, selling merch, and more.

10. Promote Goods on the Merch Shelf

Even after you become a YouTube Partner and start making money, keeping your Shopify store in great shape is important. But guess what? Being part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) opens up even more possibilities for earning cash! Check out this video below from YouTube Creators.

With YouTube Shopping, you can display your things or products from other brands right on YouTube, and that’s more money in your pocket!

You can show off your items differently, like using a product shelf or putting them under your videos. It’s all about making the most money you can on YouTube.

11. Create Sound Effects

Have you ever noticed those cool sound effects in videos? Well, guess what? You can actually make those sounds yourself! Like this video below.

Many YouTube creators are looking for interesting audio bits like construction noises, buzzing bees, alarms, and all sorts of other sounds.

So you can get in on the action and earn money by making and selling sounds to other YouTubers. No need to make videos; focus on crafting awesome audio!

12. Create Tutorials

Another way to make some cash on YouTube: record your computer screen and make tutorials!

You can show people how to troubleshoot software problems, ace gaming strategies, master coding, or even fix computer glitches. People are eager to learn about a variety of topics.

Consider coding and software development, gaming tactics, graphic design ideas, and Microsoft product lessons. You can make money on YouTube by creating videos on these trending topics. Check out this example below.

13. Work for YouTube

If you’re crazy about YouTube and social media, guess what? There’s a whole world of awesome career opportunities waiting for you in the online media universe.

Imagine being part of the YouTube crew – it’s like joining a big Google family. You could work from home or at one of their offices in different places.

YouTube employees make about $60,141 a year, which is roughly $29 an hour. Plus, having YouTube on your resume can totally speed up your job hunts in the future.


YouTube is like a treasure trove of money-making possibilities, even if you’re not the one making videos. You can curate awesome content, share your expertise, or dive into podcasts – there’s something for everyone.

By using these cool strategies, you can connect with YouTube’s huge audience and turn your presence on this awesome platform into a money-making machine.


Can I make money on YouTube without creating my videos?

Yes, you can! Several strategies, such as content curation, affiliate marketing, and consulting, allow you to earn money on YouTube without producing your own videos.

What is content curation, and how does it work on YouTube?

Content curation involves selecting and sharing existing videos from other creators on your channel. You can do this if you have the appropriate permissions and provide proper attribution to the video owners.

Is consulting a viable way to make money on YouTube?

Yes, if you have expertise in YouTube marketing, SEO, or video production. In that case, you can offer consulting services to other YouTubers looking to grow their channels and improve their content.

How do I apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)?

To join the YPP, you typically need at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months, and a YouTube account in good standing. Once you meet these requirements, you can apply through your YouTube Studio.

Can I make money on YouTube by providing voiceovers or narrations for videos? 

Yes, many creators seek professional voiceovers for their videos. If you have great voice and narration skills, you can offer services and charge fees for your work.

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