Reselling business is the best business to start. You don’t have to develop a product idea or manufacture a new product. Just promote an existing business, product, or brand you like and earn money for it! Reselling business needs no investment, and anyone can start it. Due to this reason, it is one of the most cost-effective businesses. To help you start, we have curated the list of the best reselling business ideas in India. You can choose the idea you like and start your reselling business.

What is a Reselling Business?

A reseller is the middle-man between the manufacturer and the customer. A reseller usually purchases the product from the manufacturer, adds its profit margin, and sells it to the customer at a higher rate. However, not all reselling businesses require you to purchase the product. For example, drop shipping does not require having inventory. Another way of becoming a reseller is to join Affiliate Marketing platforms, where you will be paid a fixed commission for every product you promote. A reseller can promote the product or service on their website, blog, or social media pages, to gain traffic and earn money. The more people purchase the product, the more they will earn. 

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Benefits of Becoming a Reseller:

  • You don’t have to create a new product for your business
  • You can resell products or services in any niche
  • You can start your business with no investment
  • You don’t need an inventory 
  • You can work from anywhere, anytime
  • You can earn a high amount of commission 

List of Top15 Reselling Business Ideas in India  

1. Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a reselling business model where you can sell products through your website or online store. You don’t need a warehouse to start this business. Choose a niche, build your online store, add your profit margin and sell the products. When the order is placed, the manufacturer will deliver the product. Your income will be the difference between the cost of buying from the manufacturer & retail costs. 

2. Clothing Reseller


It is a proven money-making system where you can purchase wholesale clothing from retailers, add your profit margin and then sell it on your online store. You can sell T-shirts, jeans, caps, sarees, sweaters, etc. Typically, your earnings will be 50% + retail price, depending upon the item and designer. Clothing trends always change. Due to this reason, there will always be a demand for new inventory. You can also specialize in particular clothing. For example, men’s clothing or women’s clothing. You can easily resell clothes through reselling apps like EarnKaro, Meesho, and Glowroad.

3. Antique Dealer

Antique Telephone
Antique Telephone

You can become an antique dealer and make a handsome amount of money. You can purchase antiques at flea markets, thrift shops, or estate sales. You can resell these products online at a price you set. The key to being successful is to specialize in a niche. For example, specializing in American furniture. Antique dealers with a lot of knowledge about the product they are promoting tend to earn more than others. You can promote furniture, glassware, and jewellery as an antique promoter.

4. Fine Art Reseller


You can become an art reseller if you have enough money to invest in art. You would need immense knowledge of art for this type of business. You can purchase art and resell it. Art’s value tends to grow over time. Hence, the resale value will be huge. Another way to do this is to open an art reselling gallery. You can showcase the artist’s work and resell it for a higher price. 

5. Designer Clothing Boutique Reseller 


You can also sell designer luxury clothing by purchasing them at thrift stores and garage sales and reselling them online. Another way is to offer to sell last year’s styles. You can resell them at sites such as eBay and Poshmark. You have to stay up to date with fashion to promote the right product to your customers. Once listed, you can promote these items on your social media platforms. 

6. Luxury Handbags Reseller

luxury bags
luxury bags

Handbag reselling is easy because bags have a fixed size. The pricing structure is also standard. Moreover, there is a huge demand for luxury bags. You can offer refurbished or customized options and earn more income. You can sell travel and school bags for men and women in your fashion store. For example, selling briefcases, wallets, belts and hats for men.

7. Estate Sales

Furnished Estate
Furnished Estate

When someone passes away, their family members sell their belongings. It is an extremely overwhelming task. As an estate agent, you can take care of it. You can sell these belongings at a higher rate. In this reselling business, you can charge for setting up garage sales, arrange for appraisals, and place advertisements. For this type of business, you would need a large warehouse. 

8. Jewellery Reseller


Many people like to adorn themselves with jewellery. You can resell jewellery items such as jewellery sets, necklaces, silver jewellery for men, gold jewellery for men, etc. To promote jewellery products, you can either join a direct sales company or purchase used jewellery and resell it. To succeed in jewellery reselling, you must stay up to date with jewellery fashion trends. This way, you can make a significant amount of money. Now you might be thinking about where we can resell them. Don’t worry. We have already covered some of the best jewellery reselling apps where you can easily resell them.

9. Distributor 


One of the online reselling business ideas is to become a distributor. A distributor purchases a product from the manufacturer and sells it to a particular market. As a distributor, you can negotiate the price of the product and can even get a discount. To be a successful distributor, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the market.

10. Broker Resale Business


A broker sells items wholesale. The price charged by a broker covers the administrative and shipping charges. The best way to work in the broker resale business is to partner with a local or online broker in your niche. You can find a drop shipper who will ship the products for you. It will take time to develop trust. Once you are established, you can gain more business. 

11. Business Broker

Business Broker
Business Broker

You can become a business broker by matching business owners with entrepreneurs who want to purchase the business. You can negotiate sales deals as a business broker and help lawyers and accountants file the paperwork. Your earnings will be consulting fees, listing charges, and commission.

12. Import-Export Sales

Ship Port
Ship Port

You can work as an import-export reseller. To get started, you can research the trending products in the countries you are interested in working in and then source a supplier. Another way is to join organizations like the National Association of Importers and Exporters. 

13. Resell Services 

Booking agent
Booking agent

One of the best online reseller business ideas is to resell services. For example, you can become a booking agent for musicians, entertainers, and models. You can also become an ad or web content provider for freelance services such as graphic design, web development, and writing. 

14. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box
Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are mostly renewed. For example, snack foods, beauty products, books, or DVDs. You can also resell themed subscription boxes such as bird-watching, camping, or gardening. It is a money-making reselling business because you can charge more than the purchase and shipping cost by including it in your monthly pricing.

15. Refurbished Technology

Refurbished Pad
Refurbished Pad

You can sell refurbished electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, and desktops and earn money online through reselling. To resell these products, you can use websites like Amazon, Gobol, eBay, Greendust, Snapdeal Refurbished, and Electronics bazaar.

How Much can you Earn From Reselling Business in India?

As per the report of Glassdoor, an average reseller earns somewhere around ₹10,000 /month. Whereas it has been recorded above this many times in the past. In reselling, 10% is considered a good profit margin, 20% is considered above the average margin, and 5% is considered as a low-profit margin.

In addition to this, we would also recommend you check our latest blog, where we have listed the top grocery reselling apps in India. Do have a look and let us know if you find it helpful.


Reselling a business is a great way to start your online business. You don’t have to develop a product idea or worry about investments. As a reseller, you can earn as much money as you want by promoting the product you like. You can start a reselling business in any niche using the above ideas. It can be fitness and weight loss, health, pets, clothing, luxury handbags, etc.


How do I Start a Reselling Business?

How do I start a reselling business?
Here are the steps to start a successful reselling business:
1. Scan your Industry
2. Identify Your Target Audience
3. Competition Study
4. Budgeting
5. Start your Business
6. Market your Business

Is it Illegal to Resell Items as a business?

it is totally legal to resell items as a business, so anyone can start reselling business but will be bound to follow strict reselling guidelines.

Is Being a Reseller Worth it?

yes, reselling is worth it as, according to, an average reseller earns around ₹16,500/month. In addition to this, it provides flexibility and earning potential at the same time.

Do you have to pay taxes if you resell stuff?

resellers are bound to pay sales tax to the state government, where they are selling the product physically.

What items can I legally resell?

1. Some of the items that you can not resell are:
2. Event Tickets
3. Software and digital media
4. recalled products
5. Prescription medications
and other products that are been probated by brands

Is reselling a good side hustle?

Yes, reselling is one of the best side hustle ideas in India. Through this, we can earn while sitting at home, and the fun part is we can promote any product of our choice.

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