In today’s tech-savvy world, Affiliate Marketing has become a career choice for many. People are more attracted to the freedom and authority that Affiliate Marketing provides, and they love it, which is why there is an ever-increasing number of affiliate marketers in the industry.

According to Google Trends, the search for the term ‘Affiliate Marketing has increased by 200% since 2015.

So, when you look to create a profitable business in this industry, you need to understand all the ins and outs of the field that you have chosen.

Why Do You Need Tools for Affiliate Marketing?

It is true that if you are trying to earn a passive income through Affiliate Marketing, you can easily do it through platforms like EarnKaro with the help of a smartphone and a strong internet connection. However, if you are thinking about trading your 9-5 job to become a full-time Affiliate Marketer, you might need much more.

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Check out our top picks for Affiliate Marketing tools that you need to get your business up and running in no time!

Domain & Hosting Tools

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest and most reliable domain registrar, helping people use their innovative ideas to succeed online. You can easily find the ideal website address for your business using their domain search engine and domain name generation tools. As a budding affiliate marketer, you want to ensure that you have a trustworthy website running on a secure and lightning-fast platform. In addition, the GoDaddy India affiliate program is one of the best web hosting & domain providers.

2. BigRock

BigRock logo
BigRock logo

A unique and attractive domain name is the first tool you need to start your journey in Affiliate Marketing. That is where Bigrock comes in. BigRock is one of the oldest domain registrars and hosting companies, and a leading provider of web-presence solutions for small businesses, professionals, and individuals. The website provides hosting packages ranging from Rs. 79/month to Rs. 319/month. As a budding affiliate marketer, you want to ensure a trustworthy website running on a secure and lightning-fast platform. So, do not forget to check it out!

Active Users

3. Hostinger

Hostinger logo
Hostinger logo

Hostinger is another web hosting provider providing reliable services for personal and business websites. They offer a range of hosting services, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting, as well as domain registration and website-building tools. Hostinger is easy to use and provides great customer support. They offer competitive prices and discounts on their services, making them an affordable option for those looking to get their website up and running.

Pro Tip: Choose a simple and easy-to-remember domain for your website. Websites ending with .com & .in get higher traffic as compared to others.

Website Builder Tools

4. WordPress

WordPress logo

Now that your domain and hosting are set up, the next step is to build a website that looks good, feels good and provides a treat for the reader’s eyes. That is where our second affiliate marketing tool comes in. WordPress is one of the best (if not the best) website builders on the internet. WordPress is beginner-friendly and provides many free affiliate marketing themes and plugins for you to start from. The platform powers over 43% of websites in the world. It works seamlessly with all domains and hosting companies to provide customers with a user-friendly and delightful website viewing experience.

5. Wix

Wix logo
Wix logo

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that enables users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of their online drag-and-drop tools. It provides a wide range of features such as hosting, domain registration, e-commerce, and analytics. Wix offers users a variety of templates and customizable designs to choose from, as well as a built-in content management system for easy updating and maintenance. Wix also provides a variety of widgets and apps to help users create and expand their sites. Additionally, Wix offers SEO tools and other marketing resources to help users increase traffic to their sites.

6. Squarespace

Squarespace logo
Squarespace logo

Squarespace is an all-in-one website-building platform that enables users to create stunning, professional websites without needing any coding experience. It provides a range of templates and drag-and-drop tools that make it easy for users to customize their site design and content. Squarespace also offers a range of features, such as e-commerce capabilities, integrated analytics, and customer support.

Link Tracking Tools

7. Prettylinks

Prettylinks logo

As we move to the next step, it is time to set up your affiliate network. Let’s say you are trying to incorporate one of your affiliates’ links in your blog, and you have found the perfect way to do it, but the link looks a little messy, and a little too code oriented. This might be off-putting for some readers and can cost you dearly. Our fifth affiliate marketing tool recommendation – Prettylinks, helps you solve this issue. The platform provides a simple way to turn the link you have received from the retailer into a sweet, easily readable link that the reader wants to click on.

8. Voluum

Voluum logo

As you are your boss now, you would want to keep a tab on everything happening on your website. When you start running ads on your platform through Google Adsense or any other platform, you would want to know how these ads perform. This is where our last recommended tool comes in. Voluum is a performance marketing analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers, and agencies. It lets you track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources straight from one platform. You can easily understand how your ads perform through Voluum, and the best part is that it supports over 100 advertising platforms.

9. Bitly

Bitly logo
Bitly logo

Bitly is a URL-shortening service that takes long URLs and creates shorter, more manageable links. Bitly can be used to track the number of clicks on a link, analyze traffic sources, and measure campaign performance. Bitly also has an API that can be used to integrate link shortening and tracking into other websites and applications.

10. ClickMeter

ClickMeter logo
ClickMeter logo

ClickMeter is another online and analytics platform that helps businesses measure, analyze, and optimize their online marketing campaigns. It provides detailed insights into website visits, conversions, and other metrics to help businesses understand their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. It also offers features such as A/B testing, affiliate tracking, and link optimization. With ClickMeter, businesses can track the effectiveness of their campaigns and make better decisions to drive more leads and sales.

11. Rebrandly

Rebrandly logo
Rebrandly logo

Rebrandly is a link management platform that helps businesses create, manage, track and analyze branded URLs. It allows users to quickly and easily create branded short links, manage them in one place, and track how they’re performing. It also provides analytics to help users understand their link performance and optimize their campaigns. Rebrandly also provides a range of customization options, such as custom domains, vanity URLs, and link expiration settings.

Written Just For You: We have also listed some of the best AI tools for affiliate marketing that uses the power of artificial intelligence to make our affiliate journey easy. Do give it a read.

Automation Tools

12. EarnKaro Magic Tool

EarnKaro logo
EarnKaro logo

EarnKaro Magic Tool is a simple yet powerful online platform that allows affiliate marketers to automate their deal-sharing process without any added expense. The Magic Tool provides services that include link shortening, link cloaking, and automated affiliate sharing on messaging platforms among many other benefits.

13. Partnerstack

Partnerstack logo
Partnerstack logo

Partnerstack is a software platform that helps companies manage and grow their affiliate, influencer, and referral programs. It provides powerful tracking, reporting, and analytics tools to help companies identify and optimize their marketing efforts. It also allows companies to easily manage their partner relationships, reward programs, and payments. Additionally, Partnerstack offers a comprehensive suite of integrations that enable companies to quickly and easily integrate their programs with a wide range of third-party applications.

14. Refersion

Refersion logo
Refersion logo

Refersion is a powerful affiliate marketing platform designed to help online stores and brands to drive more sales and conversions through their affiliate marketing programs. The platform helps to track, manage, and pay affiliates, as well as monitor campaigns, optimize performance and analyze results. It also features various tools and features that make it easier to recruit, onboard, and manage affiliates, as well as create custom campaigns, link products to affiliates, and track performance.

15. LeadDyno

LeadDyno logo
LeadDyno logo

LeadDyno is a comprehensive affiliate marketing software designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs increase their online sales and grow their customer base. It provides a wide range of features, including a customizable tracking system, automated affiliate recruitment, easy payment management, and access to real-time marketing data. LeadDyno also offers customer support to ensure that users get the best out of the software.

16. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro logo
Post Affiliate Pro logo

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software designed to help businesses create, manage, and track successful affiliate programs. It provides tools for tracking referrals and sales, managing commissions, and creating custom marketing materials. It also offers fraud protection, anti-spam measures, and a variety of reporting options. Post Affiliate Pro is a great tool for businesses looking to increase their online presence and drive more sales through affiliate programs.

Analytics Tools

17. Google Analytics

google analytics
Google Analytics

Another great application that helps affiliate marketers keep track of their website’s activity is Google Analytics. The website is a free-to-use platform that allows affiliate marketers to connect their website from the portal and get free information on metrics like bounce rate, retention rate, time spent, and much more. These insights help affiliate marketers to create a more attractive and better-optimized website for their business.

18. Woopra

Woopra logo
Woopra logo

Woopra is an analytics platform designed to help businesses understand their customers and engage with them in real-time. Woopra provides tools to track customer behaviour, website analytics, and customer engagement. It also offers features such as heatmaps, segmentation, and automated goals. With Woopra, businesses can gain insights into their customers, optimize the customer experience, and increase conversions.

19. Tiny Analytics

Tiny Analytics logo
Tiny Analytics logo

Tiny Analytics is a lightweight analytics platform that collects user data for websites and apps. It provides insights about user behavior and helps track and measure user engagement. It offers features such as heat maps, session recordings, and custom events. Tiny Analytics also provides powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities to help businesses better understand their users.

20. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb logo
SimilarWeb logo

SimilarWeb is a digital market intelligence platform that provides insights into website and app traffic, engagement metrics, and user behavior. It provides data to help businesses understand their competitors, identify new opportunities, and gain a better understanding of their markets. The platform includes features such as visitor segmentation, market share analysis, competitor tracking, and more.

21. Matomo

Matomo logo
Matomo logo

Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is an open-source web analytics platform. It provides detailed reports on website visits, including visitor demographics and behavior, search engine optimization, and campaign performance. It also offers features such as heatmaps and session recordings to help with website optimization. Matomo is used by over 1 million websites worldwide and is available in over 50 languages.

Email Marketing Tools

22. Mailchimp


Affiliate marketers’ business depends on their audience. Mailchimp allows affiliate marketers to automate their emailing process to their list of recipients. Once a marketer has a decent number of email IDs, it is a good practice to promote the best deals with these recipients. There is a high chance of conversion without putting much investment into the process. Through Mailchimp’s free version, beginners can grow their audience and create campaigns while testing out some of Mailchimp’s tools and features. It includes all the basics you need to start marketing. The Free plan includes up to 500 contacts, and 2,500 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 500.

23. MailerLite

MailerLite logo
MailerLite logo

MailerLite is an email marketing and automation platform designed to help businesses of all sizes create, manage and send automated emails, newsletters, and other marketing campaigns. It offers a wide range of features, including drag-and-drop email building, customizable templates, automated segmentation, detailed analytics, and more. MailerLite also integrates with a range of popular third-party apps and services, making it a comprehensive and powerful solution for any business.

24. Moosend

Moosend logo
Moosend logo

Moosend is an email marketing platform that helps businesses and organizations automate and track their email campaigns. It provides a variety of tools to help users create effective campaigns, including drag-and-drop email builders, segmentation, email automation, and analytics. Moosend also offers integrations with other systems, like CRM, webinar, and eCommerce, to help users maximize their email marketing efforts.

25. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns logo
Zoho Campaigns logo

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing and automation platform designed to help businesses create, send, and track email campaigns. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor for creating email campaigns, powerful automation tools for segmenting contacts and sending personalized messages, detailed analytics for understanding customer behavior, and integrations with other Zoho products for comprehensive insights.

Content Creation Tools

26. Filmora


Some affiliate marketers choose to create visual content to attract viewers. Video content creators require stunning and efficient editing. Wondershare Filmora makes it easier for every video editor to create lovely final products through its easy-to-use interface, a large number of templates, transitions, presets, elements, and much more. The application is available in both free and premium versions on Windows and iOS.

27. Canva


Canva is the lifesaver for every affiliate marketer who does not have much time or skill to create unique graphics for their content. Canva is an online platform that allows people to create beautiful graphics and videos from scratch or by choosing from thousands of stunning templates on the portal. The website provides creative freedom to every user through its large repository of templates, elements, and features and its beginner-friendly User Interface.

28. Unsplash


Affiliate marketers are always in need of images and videos. It does not matter if they create content on social media, blogs, forums, or any other internet platform, marketers always require these assets to make their content pop. Unsplash is a free stock photos and videos provider with millions of options for affiliate marketers to choose from. Some of the top categories on the website include 3D Renders, Architecture & Interiors, Fashion & Beauty, Current Events, Nature, Food & Drink, Film, People, Athletics, etc. Marketers can easily download these assets and use them in their content without worrying about copyright strikes.

29. Freepik


Freepik is another open-end website that allows content creators to acquire high-quality vectors, stock images, videos, clip art, etc., along with its editable files. Marketers can use the finished product or can use the Photoshop/Illustrator files provided along to make necessary changes. Freepik allows marketers to download three high-quality assets every day for free.

30. Grammarly


Now that you have your website set up, everything looks good. You are pumped to start your journey as an affiliate marketer. You have written a great article that, in your opinion, would blow every reader’s mind. But are you sure that this is the best version of your article? This is where our third affiliate marketing tool comes in. Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that reviews the text’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. This tool utilizes AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the located error. It also lets users customize their style, tone, and context-specific language. Launched in 2009, Grammarly has come a long way to become available on all devices. The platform is available in the form of an Android app, iOS app, browser extension and a computer application.

Grammarly provides both free and paid services. If you are starting, start with the free version and gradually shift to the paid version to unlock more benefits.

SEO Tools

31. Ahrefs


Serving MNCs like Facebook, Trip Advisor, eBay, Uber, Pinterest, Shopify, Adobe, and much more, Ahrefs is an SEO services powerhouse that allows marketers to create the best content possible for their affiliate marketing website. A huge range of tools and features are available on the Ahrefs website, which includes Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Backlink Checker, Broken Link Checker, Website Authority Checker¸ Keyword Generator, SERP Checker, SEO Toolbar¸ WordPress Plugin, Domain Comparison, Link Intersect, Email Alerts, Traffic Checker, GDS Connectors and much more.

32. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest logo

Everybody who writes a blog wants to be on the first page of a search. But it is a very tough competition out there. According to a survey by Envisage Digital, more than 4.4 million blogs are published daily on the internet. So, how are you supposed to rank your article on the first page of a search engine? Well, we have an answer for you. Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that specializes in creating new keyword ideas. Initially founded as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms, the platform is a go-to for everyone ranging from complete beginners to highly experienced professionals. The platform helps a user understand the SEO friendliness of their website through different metrics like keyword density, backlinks, keyword volume, overall website quality, and many more.

If you are starting, you would like to use the best feature on this platform, the keyword suggestions. Get all the details about the keywords you are looking for and insert them in your article accordingly. But be warned! You only get three searches/per day on the free version. So, use it wisely!

33. Yoast SEO

Yoast seo
Yoast SEO

A WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO provides many tools and features to bolster a website’s SEO. Yoast SEO is quite helpful for affiliate marketers when they use WordPress to write/edit posts. The plugin not only aids in keyword research and improved content creation but also assesses your content’s performance on several ranking aspects. It looks at internal links, text length, keyphrase frequency, etc., to give you a comprehensive view of your content’s SEO capabilities. The readability feature of Yoast SEO enables affiliate marketers to strike a balance between the technical SEO requirements with the interests of the reader. For every new page, you publish, Yoast SEO’s plugin also assists in specifying an SEO title (the “headline” of your search result) and a meta description (a brief passage of text beneath your search headline). Yoast SEO has many power-packed features and tools to take care of all your SEO needs.

34. SEMRush


With the free/premium plans on SEMRush, affiliate marketers can analyze the SEO potential of their websites along with different keywords. SEMRush, with an experience of more than a decade, serving more than 14 million users in 143 countries worldwide, allows affiliate marketers to use data like keyword ranking, backlinks, and suggestions for better keywords to include in their posts. Some other unique tools from SEMRush include On Page SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Social Media Management, Local SEO, Link Building, and many more. Large firms like Samsung, Forbes, Decathlon, Quora, P&G, Vodafone, Tesla, Amazon, and many more trust the platform to use services like market research, social media audit, and advertising.

Social Media Management Tools

35. Content Scheduler

creator studio
Creator Studio

Content scheduling is a great way for affiliate marketers to make sure that they never miss a content deadline and their posting timeline remains efficient. Facebook and Instagram have their native content scheduling website known as ‘Creator Studio.’ For other platforms, marketers can use CoSchedule Content Scheduler. These applications allow marketers to schedule their posts for a later time and date, watch insights, and track their overall progress.

36. HootSuite

HootSuite logo
HootSuite logo

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that allows users to manage multiple social media accounts in one dashboard. It provides users with tools to schedule posts, track analytics, monitor conversations, and more. It also provides a wide range of third-party integrations to help users customize their workflow. Hootsuite is used by millions of businesses, organizations, and individuals.

37. Agora Pulse

Agorapulse logo
Agorapulse logo

Agora Pulse is a social media management and analytics platform that helps businesses to monitor, respond, and measure their social media presence. It provides insights into customer engagement and competitor analysis, and provides tools for scheduling, publishing, and managing content. It also offers an automated workflow to save time and increase efficiency.

38. Sendible

Sendible logo
Sendible logo

Sendible is a social media management platform that helps businesses manage their social media presence. It provides tools for scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and measuring results. It also offers features for team collaboration, content curation, and customer engagement.

Security Tools

39. Proton VPN

proton VPN
Proton VPN

Affiliate marketers’ whole business depends on the internet. Websites and social platforms are prone to hacking and malware. Your content may get compromised or spied on by hackers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows affiliate marketers to create an additional layer of security in their online surfing experience. Proton VPN is a great free software that allows you to bounce your IP address from your original location and keep your online data secure. The platform allows you to connect to three countries’ networks for free – the USA, Japan, and the Netherlands.

40. Tor Browser

Tor Browser logo
Tor Browser logo

Tor Browser is a free open-source web browser designed to protect users’ privacy and anonymity. It routes all web traffic through the Tor network, which is a network of relays run by volunteers around the world. The browser is designed to be used on computers running the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, as well as on mobile devices running Android. It helps users to stay anonymous and secure by preventing websites and other third parties from tracking their activity.

41. AdBlock

AdBlock logo
AdBlock logo

AdBlock is a software application that blocks advertisements appearing in web browsers, such as pop-ups, banners, and videos. It works by blocking requests to servers that are known to serve ads, making it difficult for the ads to be displayed. AdBlock can also block tracking cookies and malicious scripts that can be used to track user activity or steal information.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing in India

It is never easy to start a new journey. Things work better if you gradually ease into the process. You can start effortlessly by joining affiliate marketing websites like EarnKaro, which has partnerships with over 150 brands, including big names like Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, and many more. All you have to do is visit the EarnKaro website, sign up without any documentation, find the best deals, create your link and share it with your network. When a person buys something via your affiliate link, they will earn a commission. Yes, that’s how easy it can be!

Moreover, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the most accessible affiliate marketing niches where you can start your affiliate marketing journey.


Affiliate Marketing can very well be a labyrinth. It is not easy to find your way around here. Our top 7 Affiliate tools recommendations will ensure that you are on the right path and find your way out of this to become a successful Affiliate Marketer right from the comfort of your home.


What is the best tool to skyrocket your sales as an affiliate?

Some of the best tools to boost your sales as an affiliate are Ubersuggest, Yoast SEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Prettylinks, Bitly, Google AdSense, and Google Analytics.

What tools are needed for affiliate marketing?

Some of the tools needed for affiliate marketing include Canva, Freepik, Unsplash, Grammarly, WordPress, and GoDaddy.

How can I promote affiliate links for free?

To promote your affiliate links for free, you can

1) Insert links in your tutorial and product reviews
2) Insert links in your email campaigns and newsletters
3) Embed links in your video content
4) Insert links on your social media posts, stories, and bio
5) Insert links in your blog post

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