Fitness blogs are a go-to source for health and well-being information. Whether you have just set your fitness resolution or are a fitness junkie, fitness blogs will motivate you to stay healthy. 

Successful fitness bloggers solve health problems, engage and connect with their readers, and have a strong social media presence. You can find workout programs, Indians for lifestyle changes, and even diet recommendations on these blogs.

Here is a list of the best bloggers in India for fitness in no particular order so that you can follow through their blog or on their social media page to keep getting useful tips on fitness.

List of Top 9 Fitness Bloggers In India

1. Neha Gosh

Neha Gosh
Neha Gosh

‘Put that cheeseburger down’ by Neha Gosh is a blog that encourages everyone to live mindfully. The blog has a section for mental health, holistic healing, eating mindfully, movement, health videos, and mindful products that you can use. 

‘Put that cheeseburger down’ encourages an overall lifestyle change. You will find that informative health content is written in a very simple manner. 

These blog posts also answer numerous FAQs on a health topic. You will understand why and how a certain remedy is used. The bonus is, there is no useless information shared on this blog 

Blog: putthatcheeseburgerdown

2. Ashwani Naik

Ashwani Naik
Ashwani Naik source

Ashwani Naik is a former corporate software trainer and a yoga and fitness enthusiast. She believes that fitness isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. 

‘Fit be well’ is a fitness, health, and parenting blog. It covers topics such as fitness, lifestyle, mental health, yoga, women’s health, weight loss, and parenting. It has a section called inspiration corner, where you can find news and articles on fitness.

Blog: fitbewell

3. Anjali Shah

Anjali Shah
Anjali shah source

Anjali Shah is a board-certified health coach, nutritionist, author, and food lover. Her blog ‘Picky eater’ promotes healthy eating habits.  

‘Picky eater’ has been featured in several publications such as The Huffington Post, reader’s digest, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Women’s Health, CNN, and Shape. You will find healthy recipes that you can add to your diet. 

You will also find healthy living tips, particularly healthy tips for kids. A section for eating guides is there as well.

Blog: pickyeaterblog

4. Swati

Swati was on her way to becoming a successful software engineer when she ditched her job to become a blogger. Her struggles with growing healthy hair inspired her to write content on hair remedies, 

She also loves skincare and is always looking for the latest skincare products. She prefers brands that use organic ingredients.

‘’ gives you the best product reviews. You will also find skin care tips, tips for growing healthy hair, weight loss, body detox, and women’s stuff. You can also read Swati’s journey in her books, hair diary, and skin diary.

Blog: perfectskincareforyou

5. Kanan

Inspired by her weight loss journey, Kanan started ‘’. Her goal was to create a fitness blog where you can get all the fitness-related articles in one place. To add value to the content she posts, Kanan became a ‘meal planner’ and completed her nutrition course.

At ‘’, you will find free weight loss challenges, weight loss recipes, and free weight win stories. You can also join the #WB program and get a customized walk plan, meal plan, and weight loss program.

You can also read diet reviews, product reviews, and weight loss reviews. There are numerous articles on health, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle that you can read.

Blog: fitnessvsweightloss

6. Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar is a health blogger who strives to put out refreshing and engaging content on health. His blog ‘Zigverve’ covers all main health, fitness, and lifestyle-related topics. You can find articles on beauty and fashion as well.

At ‘Zigverve’ you will find articles on ENT, health education and career, ethnic wear, eye health, facts, parenting, fitness, finance, coronavirus, addictions, and cosmetic surgery. Blogs on food and drinks, and so on. You can also request blog topics.

Blog: zigverve

7. Dr. Payal Banka

Dr. Payal Banka
Dr. Payal Banka source

Dr Payal Banka is a registered dietician and nutritionist. She has an MBA in Hospital And Healthcare Management. She has 15 years of work experience and has contributed her articles to several newspapers such as The Times Of India, Indian Express, and the Bangalore mirror. 

Dr Payal has also been live on Radio Mirchi for health-related shows. She has also worked with an NGO called Pathway. Before starting her blog, she was a dietician and a content writer for Life Mojo.

At ‘dietburrp’ you can find articles on weight loss, fitness, weight gain, exercises, diabetes and heart disease, diseases, pregnancy, hair and skin beauty, nutrition, recipes, and a diet plan. You can get ebooks and consultation services as well.

Blog: dietburrp

8. Tanvi

Tanvi started her blog to promote Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Siddha, Homeopathy, home remedies, fitness, and personal care. It is her profession and passion.

‘’ functions as a ‘hub of alternative medicine and holistic health. It was started to provide research information on traditional solutions to health diseases. That is Ayurveda, Yoga, and so on.

You will find articles on personal hair and skin care, healthy eating, weight loss, home remedies, celebrity fitness, and alternative medicine on this blog.

Blog: gyanunlimited

9. Akshay and Arushi

‘Fitpass’ was started by Akshay and Arushi when they found out that people do not want to pay for one year’s gym membership upfront. The intention for fitness was there as local people still visited fitness parks and centres. However, it was not sustainable in the long run.

‘Fitpass blog’ tries to inspire people to add fitness to their everyday routine. You can read health blogs on Workouts, Meditation, Weight loss, Mother’s health, diet and nutrition, Yoga and wellness, and success stories. Moreover Also, do check out our list of top fashion bloggers in India to follow for the latest fashion tips and tricks.


How Do Fitness Bloggers Earn Their Money?

1. Affiliate Commission: Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to earn money as a fitness blogger. There is minimal effort and no investment. To earn money, fitness bloggers sign up for fitness affiliates’ marketing programs, such as the Fitbit Affiliate Marketing program and Reebok Affiliate Marketing program. Next, they select a deal that they like and copy its affiliate link. Finally, they go to their blog content and hyperlink the affiliate link. When a reader purchases a fitness product through their link, they will earn a profit per sale. This can be called their commission.

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2. Educational Programs: Fitness bloggers’ main source of income is through the educational programs they conduct. These can be workout programs, health coaching programs, mediation programs, and even stress management programs. Through these programs, they can not only spread the importance of fitness and get subscribers but also earn money.

3. Nutrition Plans And eBooks: Everyone loves a good nutrition plan. Certainly, fitness enthusiasts do. That is why creating a nutrition plan or an ebook about health and wellness can help you gain more subscribers and also earn money.

4. Advertisements: Advertisements are also a popular way fitness bloggers earn money. When you have gained sufficient traffic for your blog, then you can get Ad revenue. You can also promote your affiliate products or your fitness product through advertisements on your blog. You can even sign up for Google Adsense to earn money.


Fitness enthusiasts love to get tips on lifestyle, fitness, and diet as these are the core parameters of health. Fitness bloggers here serve as fitness mentors. They offer you success stories that you can read and stay inspired. You can also get personalized diet charts, lifestyle tips, and workout tips on these blogs for free.


Who are some of the best fitness bloggers?

Some of the best fitness bloggers are Neha Gosh, Ashwani Naik, Anjali Shah, Dr. Payal Banka, and Akshay and Arushi.

What is a fitness blogger?

Fitness bloggers are people who share their best advice, information, and expertise about fitness. It includes how-to instructional posts, interesting training techniques, nutritional tips, fitness club news, and much more.

Who is the biggest female fitness influencer

Bani J is one of the biggest female fitness influencers in India. Her journey started from Roadies to becoming one of the most influential women in the fitness area.

Who is the most popular fitness YouTuber?

Gaurav Taneja is one of the most popular fitness YouTubers, with 7.6 million followers.

How much money do fitness influencers make?

By becoming a fitness influencer, you can get up to ₹15000 per month.

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