Whether you want the recipe for your favourite Indian, Chinese or Italian dish, food bloggers are always there to assist you. Food blogs are one of the most-read blogs on the internet.

As Anthony Bourdain once said,

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma.”

As a result, it is a very competitive niche. Many food bloggers in India have made successful careers by blogging about their favourite dishes, providing recipes, and encouraging others to eat healthily. Here is the list of the best food bloggers from India in no particular order.

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List of Top 15 Indian Food Bloggers

1. Dassana

Dassana started ‘vegrecipesofindia.com’ in February 2009 to have an online journal of her family recipes, recipes she was trained in, and the ones she came up with. She has done her graduation in Home Science and knows both Indian and International cuisines. 

‘Dassana’s Veg Recipes’ is a blog that is solely dedicated to posting content on vegetarian recipes. Most of the recipes she shares are Indian. However, some are international as well.

Dassana’s veg recipes are tried and tested at home. She also does not accept any sort of promotion on her blog. ‘Eat healthily and stay healthy is the motto she follows wholeheartedly.

Started In:2009
Monthly Blog Traffic:4.2M (Source: Ahref)

2. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi started her blog in 2007 with the dream of empowering people with effortless cooking. She believes health resides at the dinner table and thus promotes healthy food habits. Her blog ‘Archana’s Kitchen’ provides recipes that readers can follow easily and cook themselves. 

‘Archana’s Kitchen’ contains general recipes, baking recipes, meal plan and lunchbox ideas, recipe collection, and articles and contests.

Archana herself was the inspiration behind the first Google Chrome Advertisement on Indian Television. She was also featured by YourStory as the ‘Cooking Queen’ on the cover page of Mint Lounge.

Blog(s):Archana’s Kitchen
Started In:2007
Monthly Blog Traffic:620K (Source: Ahref)

3. Malika Basu

Malika Basu hails from Kolkata and is now living in England. She has taught herself to cook while pursuing her master’s in journalism. Today, she is a food and industry commentator, food entrepreneur, cookbook author, and communication consultant to food, drink, and destinations.

On her blog ‘Malikabasu.com’, she provides recipes for drinks, rice, fish, vegetarian, and rice. You can also find information on spices as well as details of her book on her blog.

Started In:2006
Monthly Blog Traffic:1.6K (Source: Ahref)

4. Monica

Monica is a chef, a food presenter, and the founder of the Spice Club, an Indian cookery school in the UK She has been teaching Indian cooking for the past 10 years. To take her classes, there is a 6-month waiting list. She can be seen on Amazon Prime TV series as well.

The Spice Diary’ contains her online cooking classes as well as information on the Spice Club school. She also responds to queries regarding cooking on her blog.

Blog(s):Spice Diary
Started In:
Monthly Blog Traffic: 267(Source: Ahref)

5. Rajeswari Vijayanand

Rajeshwari was born in Chennai but now lives in Singapore with her family. She has been blogging for the past 14 years and credits her cooking skills to her Mother-in-law. Only tried and tested recipes are posted by Rajeswari. She is a vegetarian hence you will only find vegetarian recipes, such as eggless recipes, on her blog.

In ‘Raks Kitchen’, you can find all Indian recipes and lunch ideas. She particularly promotes South Indian recipes. Her recipes are explained in a step-by-step method as suggested by her friend.

Started In:2007
Monthly Blog Traffic:159K (Source: Ahref)

6. Aarthi Satheesh 

Aarthi Satheesh started by cooking food for her friends at work. When they asked for her recipes, she got the idea to start a blog. Thus, Aarti left her research job to pursue her passion. 

Today she is a blogger, YouTube recipe creator, and photographer. She has also appeared in MasterChef Tamil Season 1 and has received an award from Sonu Sood for being the best entrepreneur in Tamil Nadu.

Yummy Tummy’ contains blog articles on her travels, MasterChef journey, and a recipe index for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Started In:2012
Monthly Blog Traffic:467K (Source: Ahref)
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7. Vegan Richa

Richa lives in Seattle and used to be a software developer.  After her surgery (Craniotomy), she had vertigo and balance issues. Hence, she quit her job and started blogging.

Today she is a recipe developer and photographer of her blog. She has been featured in several publications such as The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Operah.com, Buzzfeed, Reddit.com, and so on. 

‘Vegan Richa’ contains recipes, cookbooks, videos, and resources to help you cook your favourite meal. As she is a vegan, her blog only focuses on vegan recipes.

Started In:2009
Monthly Blog Traffic:123K (Source: Ahref)

8. Shivesh Bhatia

The first thing that Shivesh Bhatia baked was a cup of vanilla cookies. Although they were burnt, he had enjoyed the process. From there began his passion for baking. He created an Instagram account and, in 2014, started to write blogs.

In the year 2017, ‘Bake with Shivesh’ won the best dessert blog award by Better Homes and Gardens. He also won the Exhibit Magazine food influencer award in 2022.

His book ‘Bake with Shivesh’ is an Amazon Bestseller. ‘Bake with Shivesh’ has a recipe index for a variety of desserts. From cakes, muffins, toasts, and smoothies to the recipe for Gulab Jamun, you will find it all. 

Started In:2014
Monthly Blog Traffic:104K (Source: Ahref)

9. Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman is a Chef and one of the top mom bloggers in India. Her passion for food made her start her blog. She is also popular on Instagram where you can find recipes for desserts, snacks, fusion recipes, and so on. 

She has won the Netflix 2017 My Chef’s table Instagram contest and was chosen as its only Indian food Ambassador. She is known for portraying real Indian food.

Her blog ‘Masterchef Mom’ contains more than 900 recipes. You can learn Indian food recipes such as cake recipes, dosa recipes, salad recipes, gluten-free recipes, and street food recipes.

Started In:2014
Monthly Blog Traffic:585(Source: Ahref)

10. Ankiet

Ankiet is a freelance writer, micro-blogger, and food blogger. He likes to cook good wholesome food, and his blog includes food ideas in the form of recipes and feature stories.

Belly over mind’ is for anyone looking for food ideas. Be it an amateur, a chef, or a seasoned cook. You will find recipes for Lobster Thermidor and Spaghetti, Mutton curry, cakes, pastries, cookies, and so on.

Started In:
Monthly Blog Traffic:327(Source: Ahref)

11. Nandita Saffron

Nandita Saffron was a strategic planner in healthcare advertising. She quit her job to learn about nutrition and later found her calling as a blogger. She is also the author of Everyday Healthy Vegetarian. At present, she is living in Bangalore.

Saffron Trail’ is a vegetarian blog. You can find healthy vegetarian recipes, mainly breakfast recipes, nutrition tips, and recipes for salad.

Started In:2006
Monthly Blog Traffic:14.4K (Source: Ahref)

12. Harpal Singh Sokhi

Harpal Sign Sokhi is a celebrity chef from India. He is popularly known as the ‘Energy chef of India’ and ‘Dancing Chef of India’. He was also one of the contestants in the Jhalak Dikhlaja Season 9. 

He was awarded the best chef of the year in 2016 and was one of the 5 food YouTubers honoured by Google in 2014.

At ‘Harpal Sokhi’, you can find a variety of Indian recipes. This includes quick and easy food recipes, healthy recipes, Punjabi recipes, Bengali recipes, special chicken recipes, biryani recipes, and beverage recipes, among many others. You can also opt for a consultation.

Started In:
Monthly Blog Traffic:1.2K (Source: Ahref)

13. Chitra Sendhil

Chitra started her blog as a go-to guide for her daughter. As she learned to cook, she started posting recipes on her blog. She is a vegetarian, and hence, ‘Chitra’s cookbook’ is also a blog for vegetarians.

‘Chitra’s Cookbook’ contains North Indian and South Indian food recipes. This includes- Chutney recipes, Biryani-pulao recipes, Idli recipes, Cakes and cookies, millet, and oat recipes, among many others.

Started In: 2009
Monthly Blog Traffic:68.3K (Source: Ahref)

14. Hina Gujral

Hina Gujral was a Financial Analyst. She switched her career to blogging to follow her passion. Today, she is a blogger, a social media influencer, and a digital creator. At the moment, she is working on her first cooking book.

At ‘Fun Food Frolic’, you can find Indian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks.

Started In:
Monthly Blog Traffic:150K (Source: Ahref)

15. Richa Gupta

Richa comes from a family of food lovers. The regular conversations about the next meal made her a foodie. This later inspired her to start her blog. With ‘my food story,’ she wants to share her food stories.

At ‘My food story,’ you can find a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. You will find recipes for fast and easy dinners. For those who are interested in knowing new fitness trends. We have created this amazing list of top fitness bloggers in India. Do checkout

Started In:2015
Monthly Blog Traffic:239K (Source: Ahref)

How much does a Food Blogger earn in India?

Food bloggers in India can earn up to ₹50 – ₹100 through advertisements, for every 1,000 page views. And this earning can go up to ₹5000 – ₹10,000 if your food blog gets 1,00,000 visitors each month. Hence more the number of traffic on your blog, the more will be your income.

How do Food Bloggers Make Money in India?

1. By Becoming an Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate programs are a great way for food bloggers to make money. With minimum effort, they can monetize through their blog. For this, the first step is to join an Affiliate Marketing program in the food niche. For example, Zomato, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc. Next, they can select a food deal of their choice. Finally, they have to copy the affiliate link and paste it into their blog content. When a blog visitor clicks on the affiliate link and purchases the food from the retailer. The food blogger will earn a percentage of the profit. This will be their commission. 

2. By Placing Ads on their Blog: Ad revenue is one of the main sources of income for food bloggers. Once you have a good amount of traffic, you can sign up with an ad network. Some ad revenue platforms for food bloggers include- Medicine and Adthrive. High-traffic blogs can earn 5 to 7 figures of income. Your earnings will depend upon the traffic of their blog.

3. Sponsored Blog or Social Media Content: There are multiple ways food bloggers make money through sponsored content. This includes directly pitching brands they want to work with and joining an influencer marketing program that specializes in partnering brands with bloggers. For example, FBC and Tapinfluence. In some cases, brands themselves approach the bloggers for sponsored content. These offers usually come to food bloggers with a good amount of traffic.


All food bloggers have started out with their love for food. They have taught many how to cook their favourite meals. From step-by-step guides and videos to cooking classes, you can visit their page to learn any recipe.


Who are the best food bloggers?

Some of the food bloggers are Dassana, Archana Doshi, Malika Basu, Rajeswari Vijayanand, and Aarthi Satheesh.

How much do food bloggers earn in India?

By becoming a food blogger, you can up to ₹15000 per month.

What do food bloggers do?

A food blogger is a person who shares their experience with food. This includes sharing experiences of a particular restaurant, exploring street food, or sharing exciting recipes.

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