Traveling is something that has an appeal of its own. Exploring new places, trying new cuisines, meeting new people, and most importantly all those exciting adventures you experience. But only a few people are able to follow their passion for traveling, explore the roads less traveled, and make a living out of it. Yes, we are talking about the travel bloggers here, who left their 9-5 jobs and chose to travel around the globe. They not only talk about their travel journeys but also inspire people to explore the wonders of the world. These bloggers will compel you to get out of your comfort zone by sharing their experiences and giving hacks and tips about all things travel-related. Here is a list of top Indian travel bloggers in no particular order who believe in seeking adventures and exploring new things.

List of Top 15 Indian Travel Bloggers in India

1. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal Top Indian Travel Blogger
Anuradha Goyal source

Anuradha Goyal who followed her passion and started her travel journey back in 2014, has been to almost every state in India and over 15 countries around the globe. In her travel blog, she has been writing about her various adventurous and inspiring tales and giving useful information about the rich culture and history of the places she has traveled to. She also has an interest in reviewing books and is the author of the book The Mouse Charmers — Digital Pioneers of India published by Random House.

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2. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath Top Indian Travel Blogger
Shivya Nath source

Shivya Nath is a true inspiration for those who are planning to travel. She quit her corporate job at the age of 23, to pursue her dream of traveling. She gave up her home to be a nomad and sold her personal belongings to move around freely. She is always on the lookout for offbeat experiences. She is well known for her solo travels and for exploring lesser-known places. She is also a social entrepreneur, a solo traveler, and a digital nomad. She has also published a book ‘The Shooting Stars’ where she has written about how she started her travel journey and how it went.

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3. Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood Top Indian Travel Blogger
Ajay Sood source

Ajay Sood is a travel photographer who tells stories through his photos. Fascinated by different societies and ways of living, his photographs speak about the journey of his travel experiences. His work has been published on Huffington Post, Taj Magazine, GoGetter, and many more prestige magazines. He also won the Best Photoblog Award by Gujarat Tourism and Innovative Council of Indian Tourism (ICIT) in 2018.

4. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi Top Indian Travel Blogger
Siddhartha Joshi source

Siddartha Joshi is another acknowledged Indian travel blogger. He writes about his awe-inspiring endeavors, culture, and lifestyles that he has seen in his blogs with stunning pictures that he clicks while he travels. He also writes reviews about hotels, cafes, and restaurants. His travels are all about wandering around, exploring the place with wonder and curiosity, meeting people he has never met before, enjoying new experiences, and living in the moment. He also got featured in several publications like The Times of India, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, etc. And he also got nominated for the Indian Blogger Awards.

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5. Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat Top Indian Travel Blogger
Ami Bhat source

Ami Bhat who is a full-time travel writer and blogger believes that travel is thrilling. Her work has been published in some the prestige places like Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, and so on. Her blog talks about a lot of fun and adventurous travels. She also has a passion for photography, sports, and dancing. She also loves mountains and beaches and never ceases to find beauty in each of these places.

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6. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath Top Indian Travel Blogger
Lakshmi Sharath source

Lakshmi Sharath is a well-known Indian blogger who has traveled to 5 continents and over 25 countries. She is an inspiration for solo women’s travels and motivates them to explore the world on their own. In her blog, you can find many inspiring stories of her exploring national and international destinations. She advises all travelers to take trips on the weekdays and off-season. She is also the recipient of India’s Best Travel Blog award in the year 2008. She has also worked with some of the major brands like Nokia, Airbnb, and Virgin Atlantic.

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7. Archana Singh

Archana Singh Top Indian Travel Blogger
Archana Singh source

Archana Singh who is an award-winning travel blogger loves to explore offbeat destinations. she has traveled to over 60 countries and she loves discovering the beauty of life and her blog is the proof of that. she is a true inspiration for budding travel enthusiasts. she has won under various genres such as adventure, culture, solo travel, and luxury. She is also an influencer, public speaker, photographer, and brand consultant.

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8. Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh Top Indian Travel Blogger
Abhinav Singh source

Abhinav Singh is one of the leading Indian travel bloggers. What started as a personal self-healing journey has now become his career. He has traveled to over 200 destinations in India and 11 countries in the past 10 years. His work has been published in some of the leading newspapers and magazines like National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Mint, Outlook Traveler, and Times of India. With his ace photography skills, he has captured some of the most amazing shots and has also won many awards for photography and blogging. he has also worked with many international tourism boards, airlines, luxury resorts, and other brands.  

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9. Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma Top Indian Travel Blogger
Dheeraj Sharma source

Dheeraj who has a special affection for the Himalayas is one of the best Indian bloggers. He loves to write about the Himalayan region and in fact, you can find information about several off-beat destinations in that region. if you always wanted to travel to the Himalayas then Dheeraj’s blog is something you should look up to. He has a zeal for driving while discovering new places and gets on his wheels occasionally to rejuvenate himself.

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10. Venkat Ganesh

Venkat Ganesh Top Indian Travel Blogger
Venkat Ganesh source

Venkat Ganesh known for his road trips on bike shares some of his amazing travel experiences in his blog. he believes that road trips are a thrilling way of exploring new places and with his bike as the sole travel companion. His blog is all about finding inspiration, learning how to travel on a budget, and seeing the world from a new angle. You’ll be surprised to learn about his unplanned travels, which turned out to be such thrilling adventures in themselves.

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11. Deepak Patel

Deepak Patel who is a tech lover likes to explore the dazzling beauty of nature. He enjoys meeting new people, trying different cuisine, and learning about conventional living. He puts great emphasis on pictures since he believes they have a significant impact on readers. He lets his curiosity run wild as he reads ancient texts, admires historic buildings, and speculates about India’s unique cultural legacy. If you’re a fan of history and culture and want thoughtful insights into India’s most fascinating places, this blog is the place to start.

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12. Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose Top Indian Travel Blogger
Indrani Ghose source

Indrani Ghose who is an ex-Indian Air Force employee has traveled to over 20 countries including Italy, Thailand, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, The Vatican City, and many more. She not only talks about her experiences in her blog but also writes about the cuisines, hotels, and things that are special about the places she visits. As she is a freelance writer and photographer, she finds time to capture live moments with her camera.

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13. Parnashree Devi

Parnashree Devi Top Indian Travel Blogger
Parnashree Devi source

Parnashree Devi is someone who embraces new cultures and traditions. She enjoys travelling to remote areas of the world, meeting locals, trying their cuisine, and discovering different ways of life. She has travelled to more than 300 destinations around the world. She was also a part of MTV road trip show called ‘Nano Drive with MTV’ where she covered 21 destinations spread over 5 states in 21 days. She hopes to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and explore the wonders of the world.

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14. Sankara

Sankara Top Indian Travel Blogger
Sankara source

Sankara is a professional travel blogger who quit his IT job in 2008 and has been traveling full-time since then. wildlife holidays, vegetarian cuisine, unique cultures, and visas for Indian travelers are among some of the topics that he writes about in his blog. Some of his blogs have also been featured in National Geographic Traveler India magazine and Deccan Chronicle newspaper. with his travel stories and TEDx platform he has been an inspiration for many people across the globe ‘to be on the road’ just as the name of his blog suggests.

15. Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula Dwivedi Top Indian Travel Blogger
Mridula Dwivedi source

Mridula Dwivedi followed her passion for traveling and blogging and became one of the most successful Indian travel bloggers. she started her blogging journey back in 2005 and she won the Best Travel Indi Blog at the India Weblog Awards in 2017. As she believes in responsible traveling, she writes about travel insurance in her blog among other topics like tips and hacks, hotel reviews, etc. Her blog ‘Travel Tales from India and Abroad’ has been featured in The Guardian, BBC, and National Geographic, among a few other publications. 


How do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

1. Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are numerous choices for travel bloggers. The travel industry has so many various aspects that you can advertise, analyze, and recommend. People are interested in knowing about anything from where to stay, to how to get there to what to wear or bring.

You should think about your special niche within the world of travel blogging and who your audience is before you start. Which travel affiliate programs are best for your blog will be determined by this. There is luxury travel, adventure travel, road trips, hiking, camping, and even themed cruises. Different affiliate programs can cater to your particular niche and would be the most sensible choice. Promoting a five-star luxury hotel to travelers who enjoy staying in hostels, for example, is probably not going to be very effective.

Recommending goods and services becomes natural once you’ve established a strong rapport with your audience.

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2. Ads on Your Website

Another fantastic option to monetize your travel blog through passive income is by placing ads. Ad revenue is based on traffic, so even though it may seem silly to include it at first, it’s preferable to do it right away because you never know when a post will go viral or receive a lot of traffic. Although there are several ad networks available, Google Adsense is one of the finest to use for beginners.

3. Sponsored Posts

When brands pay travel bloggers to essentially write a whole post about them, it is what is known as a sponsored post. Sponsored posts can be announcement-style posts that give you a lot of information about something to persuade you to visit the brand’s website and make the purchase, reviews of products that brands send bloggers, hotels those brands ask them to stay in, or tours that brands invite bloggers to participate in.

Cross-posting about sponsors on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook is another revenue stream for travel bloggers, but only if they can show to businesses in their media kit that their followers on those platforms are engaged.

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.



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