Fashion can never go out of fashion. Instead, it evolves into different trends and styles with time and place. Due to the growing digital world, online shopping has become an easy alternative to the hustle of long queues. You must know people in your network who are fashion lovers, keeping tabs on every latest trend and carrying their best looks to college/office every day.

Benefits of Reselling Women’s Fashion

1. Large Opportunity

Women are always curious and looking to try new fashion products. So, there is a large opportunity in reselling women’s fashion clothing online. The industry is also growing regularly at a high pace. Week new fashion products are trending and increasing their popularity amongst women. 

2. Many products to Resell

There is a huge variety of women’s fashion products that you can easily resell online. You can resell women’s fashion categories like women’s clothing, accessories, body, and skincare products online.

3. Availability of Marketplaces

There is a huge availability of marketplaces to resell women’s fashion in India, you can easily resell it on popular eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Ajao, Myntra, and NNNOW.

Is it legal to Resell Women’s Fashion in India?

Yes, it is legal to sell women’s fashion products in India. But you need to follow some of the basic reselling rules.

1. Don’t use the brand logo, design, or name for the promotion and the marketing of the product until and unless you have brand approval.

2. The warranty of the product sometimes may get discontinued because many of the brands only grant the product warranty to the first user only. So, if you are reselling any product then please make sure that the consumer must know about it.

3. Always check if the product is resealable or not as per the government guidelines and rules. Many products are restricted after getting sold to the first user.

How to Resell Women’s Fashion online?

To start reselling fashion online it is very important that you go through the below-mentioned steps:

1. Find Your Target Market

Your first step will be to choose the right target market to start reselling. You can choose any of the best suitable women’s fashion product categories like women’s fashion wears, women’s fashion accessories, and women’s skincare.

2. Buy Products in Bulk   

 Now you need to buy these products in bulk so that you can start with their reselling. Also, if you buy the products in bulk then you will be rewarded with a discount on the products.

3. Find the right marketplace

Your next step will be to choose the right marketplace where you can resell your products online. You can choose any of the famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, NNNOW, Flipkart, etc.

4. Price your Products Accordingly

Pricing your product is one of the most important steps for reselling. You must first check the competitor’s strategy of pricing products and if you price your product lower then.

5. Market Your Products

Your next step will be to market your product wisely. The more you market the more you sell. Some eCommerce sites allow the promotion of Products inside their platform, but you will have to pay the charges.

There is also another amazing way of reselling women’s fashion products where you will need no investment or buying of the products and that is Reselling by joining affiliate programs.

Earn Money by Reselling Women’s Fashion by joining an Affiliate Program?

In affiliate marketing, you can promote other’s products through your affiliate links and earn a guaranteed commission on every transaction made through your affiliate link. To join a women’s fashion affiliate program, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Choose the right affiliate marketing platform. You can choose a platform like Earnkaro to join the affiliate programs swiftly.

2. Now visit the EarnKaro reselling app or website and sign-up for free. 

3. Copy the link of the products that you want to resell from the retailers like Ajio and Myntra.

4. Click on the Make link button and convert your link into the profit link.

5.  Now you can share your profit link within your network and earn the best commission on every transaction made through your link.

Here is how You can Maximize your Earnings by Connecting more with your Network.

  • Share those products that are relevant to your audience. This way, they are more likely to purchase it.
  • Spend some time looking up what the latest fashion trends are. All the fashionistas in your network drool at trendy outfits and will attract them more.
  • Give your honest advice. Your friends need to hear your honest opinion about how the product will look on them, for them to be convinced to buy.

Reselling works best if you know your audience well. Sharing the correct deals to the correct audience can help bring you more and more Profit. Here are some tips and tricks to know what your target audience is.

Tips for a Student

If you are a student, you have the best audience for reselling women’s fashionwear, i.e., your college WhatsApp groups. Young women are the ones who always know about the latest fashion trends and believe in shopping online. Begin by sharing the exciting sale on retailers like Ajio, Myntra, NNNOW on your college WhatsApp groups. For example, if your friend asks for your help in picking a dress for her birthday, send her product links of the premium brands available at Ajio. Reselling Ajio products will give you a flat 10% Profit. So, if your friend buys a Tommy Hilfiger dress of Rs. 2400, you’ll earn a Profit of Rs. 360. If your friend needs to prepare herself for the upcoming winters, all you need to do is share affiliate links of top winterwear products on Ajio and Myntra.

Tips for a Homemaker

 If you are a homemaker, share deals on your society and kitty groups to attract more and more purchases. If someone in your society wants to buy ethnic wear, Ajio and Myntra are the top fashion retailers, giving the best deals on Diwali.

Best Platform to Resell Women’s Fashion Online in India

1. EarnKaro

You can easily Resell Women’s fashion online by signing up on EarnKaro. Share your profit link and earn a commission on every transaction made through your affiliate link.

2. Myntra

Myntra is one of the best fashion e-commerce online stores in India. Here you can resell women’s fashion products by signing up as a seller. Join Myntra affiliate program.

3. Flipkart

Flipkart is also the most visited e-commerce store in India. Here you can resell clothing and other fashion items all over India by joining Flipkart as a seller.

4. Amazon

It is a USA-based eCommerce company that is also the go-to place when it comes to shopping for many Indians. Here you can become a seller and resell your fashion products across India.

5. Ajio

Ajio is a Reliance-backed fashion and lifestyle platform that serve users with the best national and international fashion brand. You can resell Women’s fashion products in Ajio by becoming an Ajio Partner or Ajio affiliate partner. Join ajio affiliate program today.

6. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is one of the early e-commerce platforms in India. Here you can resell women fashion products by joining as a seller or becoming an affiliate. Join Snapdeal affiliate program today.

7. ShopClues

ShopClues is also one of India’s best e-commerce platforms where you can easily resell and earn good profit. All you have to do is becoming a seller or shopclues affiliate.


Is it legal to resell Women’s fashion in India?

Yes, it is legal to sell women’s fashion clothing in India. Anyone with permission to resell fashion products from the company can resell them online.

What is the best platform to resell women’s fashion?

There are many platforms where you can resell fashion products online like:
1. Myntra
2. Ajio
3. Flipkart
4. Amazon

Is, reselling women’s fashion profitable?

Yes, reselling women’s fashion is profitable you can earn Rs. 20,000/month or more by promoting women’s fashion products from the top fashion brands in India.

We also recommend you check how to make money by selling women shoes. You will get to know about how you can make good profit by selling women’s shoes.

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