How To Resell Women’s Fashion And Earn Money?

Resell Women's Fashion And Earn Money

Fashion can never go out of fashion. Instead, it evolves into different trends and styles with time and place. Due to the growing digital world, online shopping has become an easy alternative to the hustle of long queues. You must know people in your network who are fashion lovers, keeping tabs on every latest trend and carrying their best looks to college/office every day. Do you find them ordering clothes online now and then? Do they take your advice while selecting fashionwear? If yes, then you can help them get the best fashion deals and earn money on their transactions. You can start reselling women’s fashionwear online to your friends and family in the form of Profit links and earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month. No kidding! This is where EarnKaro comes in.   

EarnKaro is a deal sharing app through which you can create affiliate links of exciting deals and share them with your friends and family over social media platforms. EarnKaro allows you to earn Profit every time somebody shops from your links. This way, you not only help your dear ones get the best deals online, but you also get an incentive for doing so.

Tip: Learn on ProfitshalaHow to Start Earning Using EarnKaro?

Some of the biggest fashion retailers on EarnKaro are Ajio, Myntra, NNNOW, Marks & Spencer, Tata Cliq, which have heavy discounts and exciting deals. Below are the Profit rates and details of top retailers for women’s footwear on EarnKaro:

 AjioMyntraMarks & Spencer
PayoutFlat 15% ProfitUp to 8.5% ProfitFlat 14% Profit (Max Profit per order Rs. 280)
Exclusive CouponsYesYesNo
Profit Link Cookie / Session Time30 days30 days30 days
Tracking TimeWithin 1 hourWithin 1 hourWithin 36 hours
Profit Confirmation90 days90 days90 days
Missing Profit TicketWithin 10 daysWithin 10 daysNot Accepted
Profit on App orders:NoNoNo
Terms & ConditionsView HereView HereView Here

How To Resell?

Here’s how you can share women’s fashionwear to your friends and family via EarnKaro and earn money:

How To Resell Using EarnKaro

You can maximise your earnings by connecting more with your network:

  • Share those products that are relevant to your audience. This way, they are more likely to purchase it.
  • Spend some time looking up what the latest fashion trends are. All the fashionistas in your network drool on trendy outfits and will attract them more.
  • Give your honest advice. Your friends need to hear your honest opinion about how the product will look on them, for them to be convinced to buy.

Who To Target?

Reselling work best if you know your audience well. Sharing the correct deals to the correct audience can help bring you more and more Profit in your EarnKaro account. Here are some tips and tricks to know what is your target audience.

Tips for a Student: If you are a student, you have the best audience for reselling women’s fashionwear, i.e., your college WhatsApp groups. Young women are the ones who always know about the latest fashion trends and believe in shopping online. Begin by sharing the exciting sale on retailers like Ajio, Myntra, NNNOW on your college WhatsApp groups. For example, if your friend asks for your help in picking a dress for her birthday, send her product links of the premium brands available at Ajio. Reselling Ajio products will give you a flat 10% Profit. So if your friend buys a Tommy Hilfiger dress of Rs. 2400, you’ll earn a Profit of Rs. 360. If your friend needs to prepare herself for the upcoming winters, all you need to do is share affiliate links of top winterwear products on Ajio and Myntra. Make your affiliate link by copying the product URL and pasting it in the ‘Make Link’ section of your EarnKaro account. When your friends shop using your Profit/affiliate links, you will earn Profit in your EarnKaro account.

Tips for a Homemaker: If you are a homemaker, share deals on your society and kitty groups to attract more and more purchases. If someone in your society wants to buy ethnic wear, Ajio and Myntra are the top fashion retailers, giving the best deals on the occasion of Diwali. If your friend wants to purchase a dress, you can share deals from the various retailers available on EarnKaro and give her the best shopping experience. Make Profit links of the products you wish to resell via EarnKaro and earn money online.

Tips for a Blogger/Influencer: If you are someone who has an influence in any social media platform or likes to blog about your experiences, reselling is something you should consider. Wondering how? Is your audience interested in what your closet looks like? You can share with them the best purchases you have made and even earn money on those recommendations. Yes! Use Profit links via EarnKaro to share the links of the products on your social media handles and blogs and sit back and relax. You will earn money whenever your audience views and purchases the product.

Potential Earnings

With e-commerce retailers like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, and more, the potential to earn online has grown in the past several years. Earning money online has now become easy. All you need to do is drive the customers to those retailers via EarnKaro. With EarnKaro’s amazing Profit rates and no joining fee, you can earn up to Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 30,000 per month by reselling products. Once someone shops through your link, Profit will be credited to your account and you will earn real money.

Why wait any longer? Share more to earn more.

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