Reselling is a great way for any person to earn a good amount without making much investment into their business. Reselling women’s fashion products is even better. Online shopping has changed how women shop and the demand for reused and resold products has never been higher. Different fashion trends emerge daily in the industry, and resellers can take advantage of the dynamic nature of the market to earn a decent income. Let us take a deep look into what reselling is, how you can resell women’s fashion products and what things you should be cautious about. So, let’s begin!

What is Reselling?

A reseller is a person that purchases services or goods for resale rather than consumption. Wholesalers, retailers, affiliate marketers, and commission agents are all resellers as they purchase products from a predecessor and mark them up before selling them further. This markup is the main source of income for resellers. There is constant markup at every level of the reselling chain, which is why products become more expensive depending on where you buy from.

Fashion never goes out of business. New trends are always emerging in the market, making it one of the best products to resell. The women’s apparel market stood at a whopping valuation of US$ 915 billion in 2021 and may reach US$ 1165 Billion by 2027. At the same time, the apparel reselling market is estimated at US$ 70 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a valuation of US$ 282 billion by 2032.

Benefits of Reselling Women’s Fashion

  1. Huge Market: As we mentioned above, the market size for reused apparel and women’s fashion is expanding rapidly. The subset, which is in the form of the women’s fashion reselling market, will also form a huge part of the industry.
  2. Variety of Products: Women’s fashion includes many products, including clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products, and much more. All these products are eligible for reselling and can be leveraged to earn a good amount.
  3. Fast Expansion: The flexible nature of reselling industry makes it easy to expand and scale your business, especially if you are running your business online. Understanding your market, connecting with suppliers, and creating an efficient supply chain will help you scale your business multi-fold in less time.
  4. Reselling Platforms: Technological advancement has led to the development of many online reselling platforms. As a beginner, you can use these platforms to market and sell your products and, later, launch your reselling platform.
  5. Efficient Business: Once they have a customer base, resellers can immediately fill customer orders. They already have a list of dependable suppliers who can complete requests quickly, making this viable. Then, resellers can devote more time to finding new customers and seeking more lucrative goods to market and sell.

Is it legal to Resell Women’s Fashion in India?

Generally, there is no law against reselling in India. Manufacturers have little to no control over what you do with a product after buying it. However, it still needs to be made free of problems. It would help if you considered a few things before becoming a women’s fashion reseller.

  • Before selling branded products, it is important to take permission from the original manufacturing brand. Ignoring this can get you tangled in a trademark lawsuit.
  • Products with a warranty/guarantee attached to them need to be sold as soon as possible since the original manufacturer is not responsible for extending your product’s warranty even if it has been resold.
  • Be cautious about how you deal with Sales Tax. It’s because your business model involves two instances where sales tax is relevant: when you buy your items and when a client purchases anything from you. However, reselling without authorization is against the law because the consumer isn’t paying you a sales tax, which was otherwise meant to go to the government.

How to Resell Women’s Fashion online?

There is a set guideline that will help you get your reselling business up and running in no time. Let us have a look.

  1. Select your Reselling Business: You can buy things at a discount and resell them for a profit or refer sales to wholesalers and get paid a commission. You must start by finding the best fit for you and streamlining your business operations.
  2. Understand your Industry: Knowing the specifications of your products can help you market them more successfully. It would help if you researched market trends, industry advancements, inflation, and how these may affect your business. It will give you a general idea of what various goods and services cost. You can also ask your sellers questions regarding the products and their terms and conditions.
  3. Determine your Audience: Your clients’ tastes must be known to you. What means will you employ to get the goods to them? How much will it cost you to create a presence online? How much will it cost you to convey goods to customers? All of these questions need to be answered.
  4. Research your Competition: Your new reselling business will be more successful if there are fewer rivals in the market. Therefore, identify which fashion products work best and create something distinct to eliminate the competition. Find out what your competitors are charging by doing some research. This work will help you launch a successful fashion reselling business quickly.
  5. Check your Profitability: The following step is to assess the viability of your reseller business based on the right kind of reseller business, recent market trends, competitors, and product information. Predicting the firm’s future and anticipating its financial analysis is essential.
  6. Start your Reselling Business: The last stage is to start your reselling business after considering all the facts and evaluating the pros and cons of your women’s fashion reselling business. You can finish the incorporation process for the business online. After incorporating your company, you can sell on different online platforms or create a website and purchase a domain to launch an online reselling business.

Here is how You can Maximize your Earnings by Connecting more with your Network.

  • Share those products that are relevant to your audience. This way, they are more likely to purchase it.
  • Spend some time looking up the latest fashion trends. All the fashionistas in your network drool at trendy outfits, and this will attract them more.
  • Give your honest advice. Your friends need to hear your honest opinion about how the product will look on them for them to be convinced to buy.

Reselling works best if you know your audience well. Sharing the correct deals with the right audience can help bring you more and more Profit.

Best Platform to Resell Women’s Fashion Online in India

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro is a deal-sharing platform & reselling app through which you can recommend many fashion products from different national and international brands and earn money. EarnKaro is one of the best ways to become a fashion reseller without spending even a single penny.

2. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. You can become a successful women’s fashion reseller by joining the Amazon Seller program and connecting with 310 million customers worldwide.

3. Etsy

Etsy is one of the quickest, least expensive, and easiest ways to get your apparel, footwear, accessories, and other fashion goods online, and it is connected to a shopping cart feature. Compared to creating a website, it’s also a low-risk choice that will help skyrocket your business in no time.

4. eBay

One of the major advantages of selling on eBay is that it gives your company access to a varied, ready-made market of more than 182 million international customers, which allows you to spend less time and money on client acquisition, marketing, and research for your fashion products.

5. Meesho

Meesho allows you to become a successful reseller as you can share the company’s products anywhere on the internet and earn a commission for every sale. Meesho provides customers with good quality products available at almost wholesale prices. You can engage with thousands of customers, showcase the latest fashion trends, and earn your profit by selling them.

6. Shopsy

Shopsy is a zero-commission marketplace launched by Flipkart and is designed keeping specifically sellers across India in mind. The platform aims to create a budget-friendly, single online platform to reach a wide network of customers. This helps them generate profit through a unique trust-based seller platform.

7. Shop101

Shop101 is an online reselling platform where you can start your own online reselling business without any investment with the help of a smartphone and a robust internet connection. Shop101 has more than 1 Lakh resellers across the country and is continuously expanding.

8. Glowroad

Glowroad is a platform of more than 6 million resellers spread over 2,000 cities, earning upwards of ₹35,000 monthly by selling their products. You can resell fashion products on Glowroad and earn handsomely.

Combine Affiliate Marketing with Reselling

Affiliate marketing and reselling can go hand in hand and help you earn double as much as you would by entering a single field. Here is how you can combine affiliate marketing with reselling to maximize profits.

  • Choose the right affiliate platform. You can also choose EarnKaro and sign-up on the platform for free to become an affiliate marketer and start sharing deals from over 100 online retailers like Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, and many more.
  • The next step is to find the best deals and share them with your network through social media and other online methods. You can make product links on the online retailer’s website through EarnKaro.
  • You will earn a guaranteed commission whenever someone buys a product through your affiliate link.


Reselling women’s fashion products can be a highly profitable business that you can carry out without spending much money. If you have come this far, you must now have all the requisite knowledge to become a successful women’s fashion reseller. You can choose any platform or build your website to become a successful reseller.


Is it legal to resell Women’s fashion in India?

Yes, it is legal to sell women’s fashion clothing in India. Anyone with permission to resell fashion products from the company can resell them online.

What is the best platform to resell women’s fashion?

There are many platforms where you can resell fashion products online, like:
1. Myntra
2. Ajio
3. Flipkart
4. Amazon

Is reselling women’s fashion profitable?

Yes, reselling women’s fashion is profitable you can earn ₹20,000/month or more by promoting women’s fashion products from the top fashion brands in India.

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