Earn Genuine commission every time someone from your friends and family opens a bank account on Kotak 811 via your affiliate link. Become a Kotak 811 affiliate marketer and earn up to ₹360 on every lead.

Kotak 811 is a product of Kotak Mahindra bank. Kotak Mahindra Group is one of India’s leading financial services conglomerates. 811 is a new age bank account offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank. Kotak 811 offers 6%* interest p.a. on the balance. It is a zero-balance savings account with a variety of offers and variants. Kotak 811 also has one of the best bank affiliate programs in India. Where you can join and earn guaranteed commission.

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Kotak 811 Commission Rate Details

The Commission is the amount an EarnKaro user earns on every bank account opened through their Kotak 811 affiliate links.

User TypeCommission / Profit Rate
New UserUp to ₹360 per lead*
Old UserUp to ₹360 per lead*

*On every successful Bank Account Opening

Kotak 811 Affiliate Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

By promoting Kotak 811 services as an affiliate marketer, you can easily earn up to ₹10,000 per month. You can significantly increase your earnings by increasing the number of accounts opened through your affiliate link.

2. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

EarnKaro typically tracks Kotak 811 orders within 24 hours of the transaction, with Profit confirmation taking up to 90 days.

3. Payment

After you start earning on EarnKaro, your earnings are saved in your EK account. After your Confirmed Profit exceeds ₹10, you can request a bank transfer of your earnings.

4. No Documentation Required

You can sign-up for FREE on EarnKaro to become Kotak 811 affiliate partner. No documentation is required.

5. Automation tools

EarnKaro has developed a special Magic Tool to assist you in simplifying and improving your deal-sharing process. Users with large Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram groups can use these tools.

Why Choose EarnKaro to Become a Kotak 811 Affiliate Marketer?

Here are the 2 best reasons to use EarnKaro to become a Kotak 811 affiliate partner.

  • Share Profit link with your friends and family and earn up to ₹360 on every successful bank account opening
  • Withdraw your Commission as actual money from your bank account.

Important Details About Kotak 811 Affiliate Program

PayoutUp to ₹360/lead
Type of campaignCPL
Joining feesFree
Exclusive CouponsNo
Profit Confirmation90 days
Deep linking possibleNo
Earning through Referral Program10%
Kotak 811 Terms & ConditionsVisit

Tracking Information

Tracking time is the time a transaction takes to show up in your EarnKaro account in Pending status.

Tracking time or frequency24 hours
Cookie Duration30 days
Mobile WebYes
Multiple ConversionsYes

Marketing Options For Promotions

Text LinkYes
Email (Text)Yes
Custom Email (Text)Yes
Email (HTML)Yes
POP TrafficYes
Native AdsYes
Social MediaYes
Facebook AdsYes
SEM – Brand Keyword(s)No
SEM – Generic Keyword(s)Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s)Yes

Payment Information

Payment Duration6-8 days
Requirement for PaymentBank details only
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum Withdrawal₹10

Why Choose Kotak 811 Affiliate Program?

Instantly open a savings account from the comfort and safety of your own home. Earn up to 360 per lead by joining the Kotak 811 Saving Account Affiliate Program directly through EarnKaro. It is a high-converting active campaign in India’s affiliate marketing industry’s Banking & Finance category. By becoming a Kotak 811 affiliate you can earn up to ₹360 every time someone opens a bank account through Kotak 811 affiliate link.

How Does Kotak 811 Affiliate Work?

Kotak 811 Affiliate
This Image shows how Kotak 811 affiliate program works.

Meet Our Kotak 811 Affiliate Marketers

Kotak 811 Affiliate marketers
Meet our Happy Kotak 811 Affiliate marketers


What is Kotak 811 affiliate program?

You can start earning money by promoting Kotak 811 bank account services with your friends, family, and network by joining Kotak 811 affiliate program.

How to become a Kotak 811 affiliate?

You can easily Join the Kotak 811 affiliate Program by signing – up on EarnKaro And joining the program by creating a Kotak 811 profit link for free.

What is Kotak 811 affiliate program benefits?

Kotak 811 Affiliates collaborate with Kotak to provide Kotak 811 banking services. Affiliates have access to special sales, promotions, and exclusive deals, and they get paid a commission on every bank account they open. Kotak 811 can help you with a side earning without making much of an effort.

How much is kotak 811 affiliate commission rate?

With Kotak 811 you can earn up to ₹360 on every successful bank account opening.

Will EarnKaro help during any doubts?

Absolutely! For any queries, you can contact EarnKaro support by dropping a mail at support@earnkaro.com

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