Assam is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is part of the seven sisters in the country’s northeastern region and is known for its bigger-than-life natural beauty, tea plantations, and unique culture. When one thinks about a business in Assam, things like tourism and tea come to mind. But did you know that there are a lot more opportunities that you can explore in this gem of a state and create a successful business for yourself? Please keep reading to find out our best business bets to make it big in the market.

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List of Top 11 Business Ideas in Assam

1. Affiliate Marketing

illustrations showing marketing
Affiliate Marketing illustration

One of the newer techniques in marketing, affiliate marketing, is an arrangement in which an individual, often known as an affiliate, promotes an online retailer’s products and services through different internet platforms. Affiliate marketing is a great business in Assam as it does not require capital, working costs, or major investments. All you need is a smartphone, a laptop, and a strong internet connection, and you are good to go.

2. Tea Plantation

tea plantation farm
tea plantation farm

It is no secret that Assam is known for its tea production. One of the oldest businesses in the state, the tea plantation is still your best bet to have a successful business in Assam. According to Statista, the annual tea production in FY21 stood at 286 million kilograms. The prospects are huge. But here’s the catch. Starting a tea plantation/production requires a good amount of investment in land, labor, machinery, and other business legalities. There may be a better business for you if you are looking for a less investment-intensive business.

3. Trader

worker in a warehouse
worker in a warehouse

Assam provides many products to the rest of the country. Petrochemicals, handloom, handicrafts, tea, coffee etc., are some of the biggest contributors to the state’s economy. You can set up a trading business under which you will collaborate with the producers and sellers to create an efficient supply chain. You can provide any product of your choice. This is a great business opportunity as there is no need for much investment. All you have to do is build relationships to start earning as a trader.

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4. Tour Agent

Travel consultant with clients
Travel consultant with clients

Assam is known for its eternal beauty. Tourists visit the state all around the year to get a sense of freshness and calm. As a tour agent, you must arrange anything and everything a traveler might need on their adventure. It can include things like vehicles, drivers, location recommendations, etc. You should know the best tourist places in the state, like Kaziranga, Manas, and temples, at the tip of your hands to reel in more customers.

5. Hotels

Ambience of an hotels
Ambience of an hotels

The hotel industry flourishes in areas with much footfall. So, starting a hotel might be a great idea if you want to set up a business in the more traveller-loved locations in the state. You can even cater to the needs of the residents of the state as they require venues for their functions and programs.

6. Waste Management

household waste
Household Waste

Since Assam has unique geography and demography, it is important to keep the state clean in all aspects to maintain its sanctity of the state. Waste Management Businesses buy large amounts of waste & scrap to process and recycle into newer products. Governments have also pushed for higher waste recycling for better pollution and nature management. This is another capital-intensive business due to the large buying structure, huge waste processing plants, and major networking requirements.

7. Farming

wheat farm
wheat farm

Assam has traditionally been a farming state for many years and will continue to be the same. This includes dairy farming, pig farming, fishery, and many other categories. This industry provides a high rate of return due to the already existing market and less capital requirement. You should only get into this industry if you have first-hand knowledge about farming.

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8. Handloom Processing

Different colors of strings
Different colors of strings

The locals create unique and extremely beautiful clothing and art indigenous to the state. Handloom processing as a business may include marketing these products, packaging, labelling, and much more. The prospect for this business is huge as the local work is sold throughout the country and the world throughout the year.

9. Retailer

Clothing store
Clothing store

As we have talked about taking local products to the country and the world, let’s also talk about bringing the world to the state. There are different kinds of areas in Assam – developed, developing and under-developed. You can set up a retail store in these areas to provide products like branded clothing, groceries, electronics, and much more. Which field you want to venture into is your prerogative.

10. Educational Institute

Image of books and pencils
Image of books and pencils

Educational Institutions are one of the businesses that can never go obsolete. You can start a state-of-the-art education centre in the form of a school, college, tuition, or coaching institute. Good education and skill development for citizens must be your highest goal while starting an institution. You can decide everything from location, qualifications and education level to fees & salaries without any interference.

11. Pharmacy

Medical Store
Medical store

Like an educational institution, pharmacies are another business that never becomes redundant. If we think about it, the role of pharmacies has increased in recent years. Assam has a unique topography which can include tough regions to live in where facilities are at a minimum. Even though you can start a pharmacy in more developed areas too, providing this facility in the less developed region may help you gain more from the business due to low competition and higher utility.

Why Should you Start a Business in Assam?

  • Different Conditions: Due to its unique geography and weather, Assam provides citizens with opportunities that no other state can. The weather, labor, and market conditions create a condition where businesses can flourish.
  • Ease of Doing Business: Due to the constant push by the Central and State government, Assam has upped its standard of business capability in the last few years. The state has an expanding industry in tourism, tea production, petrochemicals, handloom, handicraft and much more.
  • Government Support: The government of India has started several different schemes in the last decade to push the northeastern economy through higher investments, particularly in Assam. You can use these schemes to gain subsidized resources and start your business more easily.

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Things to Remember

  • Tough Conditions: Starting a business in developed areas is easy. Everyone is doing it. But if you want to start a venture in less developed regions of the state, you must complete a survey of what the business may require and what the region offers. A mismatch between these two things may cause a higher cost of running your business and will cut a hole through your pocket.
  • Market Survey: There is no point in starting a business that has no utility for the public. Before diving into the deep end, you must complete a survey about the industry, location, existing competition, people’s perceptions, and business prospects to strategize accordingly to come out at the top.
  • Weather: Assamese weather is known to be more on the monsoon side and provides a high level of humidity and rainfall. Keep this aspect in mind while building your business, as it may affect your supply chain and the demand for your products/services.


With all of its benefits and challenges, Assam is a great place to start a business in 2022. The state already has an official website for people to know all the requirements for a business in the state. Keep your head in the game, follow the best practices and build a successful business for yourselves in Assam.


Which business is best in Assam?

Some of the best businesses you can start in Assam are affiliate marketing, tea plantation, trading, tour agent, hotels, waste management, and farming.

Which business is more profitable in Assam?

Tea plantation is the most popular and profitable business in Assam.

Which business is best in Guwahati?

There are several businesses you can start in Guwahati, like tea production, educational coaching institutes, FMCG and grocery store, local handloom, and tourism.

What are the most in-demand small business ideas in Assam to start your business?

Small businesses you can start in Assam include local handloom, tourism, interior design & decoration, yoga & fitness, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, agarwood & products, and sericulture.

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