Bihar is a landlocked state in North India with a population of over 11 crores. The state is the third largest state in the country according to population and ranks twelfth in area. Bihar is known for its mesmerizingly diverse culture, food, and historically important architecture. Due to all its specialities, Bihar is one of the best places for anyone to start a profitable business. The state offers entrepreneurs different opportunities in urban, suburban and less developed areas. Today, we have brought you a list of businesses that can emerge as some of the most successful businesses in any place across Bihar. So, let’s get started!

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List of Top 9 Bussiness Ideas in Bihar

1. Affiliate Marketing

illustration of marketing
Illustration of Marketing

One of the least capital-intensive businesses ever, affiliate marketing is a partnership between an online retailer and a marketer. The marketer gets a commission for promoting the online retailer’s products and services. Affiliate marketing is a great choice in a state like Bihar as it does not depend on the local aspects. You can promote products to anyone across the country, and whenever they buy a product, you will earn a commission.

2. Tourism Agent

Travel agent consulting with clients
Travel agent consulting with clients

Bihar is rich with heritage and sublime cultural history. A large number of tourists from all across the country and the world visit Bihar to get immersed in its extensive culture. The state is famous for places like Nalanda University, Bodh Gaya, and Barabar Caves, among many other destinations. Starting a tourism agency in Bihar is a great idea. As an agent, you can provide travellers with all their requirements like transport, lodging, food, tour guide, and much more.

3. Farming

View of a farming
View of a farming

Bihar is a part of the most fertile belt of land in the whole country. The state is known for its great cropping ability and is a big producer of paddy, wheat, maize and pulses. If you are someone with a practical experience in the field, you can always start a farming business by planting and selling crops yourself or by hiring professionals to work on your farm. Either way, it is a great business due to increasing crop requirements in the country. The government is also pushing production through policies like Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.

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4. Educational Institution

Collage degree and certificate
Collage degree and certificate

Although Bihar is a great production hub, it lags behind in educational rankings. The state is one of the least literate states in India. If you are thinking of a business, looking into starting an educational institution in the lesser developed areas of Bihar is advised. The prospects are huge due to changing perceptions of the local citizens regarding education.

5. Trader

Image from a warehouse
Image from a warehouse

As large producers of different products like crops, sarees, carpets, and other woven products, manufacturers also need traders to connect with the public and sell their products. You can use their need to your advantage by building a trading business to provide these manufactured products throughout the country. This is a low investment opportunity as you do not have to buy or produce any product. All you need to do is create an efficient supply channel, and you can charge commissions from producers for selling their products.

6. Manufacturer

manufacturing unit in a  company
Manufacturing unit in a company

This article would only be complete if we mentioned the benefits of starting a manufacturing plant in Bihar. As we mentioned above, Bihar provides cheap labour to businesses. People can start businesses in industries like tyres, silk, wheat processing etc. and gain the advantage that Bihar provides to every manufacturer in the state.

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7. Fish Market

Fisherman selling fish
Fisherman selling fish

Like many fish farmers in Bihar, the industry is booming in the state due to constant demand from the public. According to a report by NITI Aayog, Bihar produces 2.8 million tonnes of fish against a demand of more than 4 million tonnes. You can become a fish farmer or employ people to hunt fish for you and start a profitable fish market. Due to its geographical location, Bihar has the largest river in India – the Ganga flowing throughout the state that provides a large number and variety of fishes to choose from.

8. Logistical Support

logistical support illustration
logistical support illustration

As one of the biggest service providers in the country, Bihar has a large population of skilled and unskilled labour. A logistical company is beneficial due to its low investment requirement and huge returns. Logistical companies handle activities like labour – temporary and permanent, deliveries, storage etc., for startups and well-established players. Furthermore, also do have a look at our guide to the most profitable business in Kerala and check out if you can start the same in your state.

9. Coaching Institute

Students in a coaching institute
Students in a coaching institute

This is no secret that Bihar produces the country’s highest number of public servants. Many IAS officers hail from Bihar, and you can use this as a great business opportunity. Starting a coaching institute for careers like IAS, PCS, SSC etc., can be profitable in Bihar due to high demand and less supply. Ensure to employ highly trained and experienced teachers in your institute to gain popularity among the masses.

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Why Should you Start a Business in Bihar?

  • Affordable Resources: Bihar is one of the most affordable states across the country in terms of labour, electricity, & every other resource. Any business can thrive in this state due to the abundant availability of resources at a price available nowhere else in the country. Businesses can also gain an edge due to the low cost of production and running their business.
  • Government Schemes: Both central and state governments have focused on bringing Bihar to the forefront of economic development. The state is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the country and is always ready for more development through increased investment.
  • Population: Ranking third on the population chart, Bihar provides ample opportunities for businesses to market and sell their products to a large chunk of people. Businesses can always scale up to reach out to more parts of the country.

Things to Remember

  • Customer Perception: Bihar has a huge difference in customer perception regarding the state’s urban and suburban areas. When considering starting a business, it is important to understand what the residents think of your venture and if they are willing to engage with it. This helps you solve one of a business’s most important problems – Sales.
  • Competition: Every industry invites competition. Some are more competitive than others. Your responsibility is to consider the competitor’s strategy, sales, customer base, supply and demand, etc., to understand the industry better and to know if you can do a successful business out of this industry.
  • Money: Money is the most important thing for any business. New ventures can only survive with ample money in their hand. This tip comes in two ways – Before starting a business, you should check if the industry that you are planning to enter into is suited to your budgetary constraints or not. Secondly, after starting a business, you need to save some amount as an emergency fund for your business if things do not work out the way you had hoped.

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Bihar is at the pedestal of economic development. It is a new day for the state, which is hoping to become a hub for manufacturers and service providers alike. Check out our list, follow the best practices and create a successful business for yourself today!


Which business in Patna, Bihar, is the easiest and safest to begin?

Some of the best businesses to start in Bihar are restaurants, management consulting, professional tutoring, wheat mills, retailer, and salon.

Which areas are the greatest for investment in Bihar?

There are various places where you can invest, like clothes boutiques, publishing houses, digital services and promote handicrafts.

Which sectors in Bihar are best for business?

One of the best industries to launch a business in is the production of silk, jute textiles, and sugarcane. In addition to this, there are grocery stores, cafes, tutoring centers, and resorts.

Name some of the best businesses for sale in Bihar.

Some of the best businesses for sale in Bihar include designing and printing garments, creating your digital services, writing and launching a book, sell handicraft products.

Is Bihar good for business?

Bihar is a great area for operating a successful business. India’s seventh-largest economy in terms of food production is Bihar. The food processing industry offers enormous investment prospects. It is well known for its sugar, silk, and jute industries, among other things.

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