Kolkata is one of the first metropolitan cities in India. The location is known for its diverse culture, beautiful architecture, & festivities. While Kolkata truly is a great place for tourists and residents alike, there is no denying the fact that the city has immense business potential. Anyone can start a business of their choice to gain success in Kolkata. Today, we have brought you the top businesses in Kolkata in 2022. So, let’s begin!

List of Top 9 Business Ideas in Kolkata

Even though there are hundreds of entrepreneurial opportunities that you can venture in, we have brought the top, tried and tested businesses for you to create a successful living.

1. Affiliate Marketing

illustration of a affiliate link sharing process
illustration of a affiliate link sharing process

Kolkata, one of the oldest metropolitans in India, provides a great opportunity for affiliate marketing. This marketing technique involves a marketer (affiliate) promoting an online retailer’s products and services in return for a commission. Customer spending in Kolkata remains high, and marketers can tap this potential by promoting products to local, countrywide, and international audiences.

2. Fish Dealer

Fish Container
Fish Container

When living in Kolkata is a no-brainer. The city is known for its unorganized and organized fish markets, where different types of aquatic creatures are sold and bought every day. Businesspersons can become local, countrywide, or even international fish dealers by creating a good network of fish farmers and matching it with solid logistical capability. Rohu, Koi, & Hilsa are some of the most famous delicacies in Bengal.

3. Import/Export

import export illustration
import export illustration

Due to its great connectivity through traditional ports, rails, and air tracks, Kolkata is one of the best places in India to start an import/export business. This is a capital-intensive industry and may require the know-how of several different manufacturing industries. Materials like leather, sarees, steel, tires, paints, etc., can be exported/imported by establishing a business in Kolkata. Moreover, we have also created a list of top business ideas in Assam that you must check. Do have a look.

4. Logistics

logistics illustration

Hot on the heels of the import/export business, manufacturing is also one of the most successful businesses in Kolkata. Big conglomerates like Berger, Birla, Tata, etc., have manufacturing plants in Kolkata. However, starting a manufacturing business is tricky and very capital intensive but serving manufacturers through logistical support is a great business idea. Activities like transportation, deliveries, raw materials, labor, etc., are some of the daily logistical needs of every manufacturer. You can also become a delivery partner for different online and offline retailers by creating a logistical company.

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5. Bengali Sweets Shop

view from a sweet shop
Sweet Shop

Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Mishti Doi, and many more are famous throughout India. You can create a local Bengali sweets shop in any locality of Kolkata and start serving delicious delicacies. This business can be easily scaled up by setting up more branches across the city and can be expanded countrywide. Dishes like Rasmalai & Rasgulla can also be packed and sold as tetra packs, as these have a decent shelf life when kept in the right conditions.

6. Franchise Owner

Burger king outlet
Burger king outlet

As we have already mentioned, Kolkata has a great mix of people from diverse backgrounds. One of the best businesses to appeal to a large audience is opening a franchise of a famous company. You can try out any industry – food, clothing, footwear, etc. There is good scope for franchise owners in Kolkata due to the good nightlife and active young population. Looking to start a business in Kerala? Do have a look at these part-time business ideas in Kerala that can be started while working.

7. Recycling Business

recyclling illustration
recyclling illustration

As one of the nation’s major metropolitan areas, state, and central governments are motivated to keep the city clean and free from pollution. This is why there has been a major push for recycling businesses in Kolkata. People can set up recycling plants and create a network to gather different types of waste from all parts of the city. Many big manufacturers source recycled products to create new products, and you can easily become a supplier to these brands. Different subsidies and opportunities are emerging in this field due to increased efforts for a net zero economy and international commitments.

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8. Hotels

view of a hotel room
View of a hotel room

Kolkata is one of the most visited places in India, both by Indian and foreign travelers. The city is a hub for entertainment and culture and is home to things like the Howrah Bridge, Durga Pooja, and other historical buildings. The hospitality industry is booming again due to an increased push by the government after the COVID-induced lockdown, and hotels are seeing great growth. You can start a hotel as per your budget and customer preferences.

9. Saree Business

image from a saree shop
Image from a saree shop

Kolkata has always been a great place for saree sellers. Women all across the city are fond of different types of sarees sourced from throughout the country. Durga Puja is one of the best seasons for any saree seller in the city due to its huge importance to the history of Kolkata. You can start a saree business and provide a large variety, which includes Tussar Silks, Murshidabad Silks, Garad, and many more.

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Why Should you Start a Business in Kolkata?

  • Wide Population: Due to its large population, Kolkata provides a great customer base for any business in the city. The city has more than 1.5 Crore people from different backgrounds and cultures. There is no limit to the opportunities that this city provides.
  • Government Schemes: Kolkata has been one of the favorite places for state and central governments to implement schemes for the population. The government has also implemented many schemes to boost different businesses in the city.
  • Great Resources: Due to its rich history and connectivity, Kolkata has no shortage of resources to provide for businesses. The city is well developed, well connected, and has a healthy mix of citizens from different backgrounds to provide for labor and customers. Searching for a most suitable business to start in Delhi then do check our blog covering some of the most successful online business ideas in Delhi. Have a look.

Things to Remember while Starting your Business

  • Budget: While being ambitious is good, being blinded by it can prove to be a catastrophe for your business. Before starting a business, any entrepreneur needs to consider their budget constraints and consider which industry they can enter with the budget in mind.
  • Competition Analysis: Starting a business without analyzing your competition sets you up for failure. Every business person should consider the sale, market demand, supply of resources, average profits, and number of players in the market. Any industry with many players will need higher advertising and customer acquisition costs, which must be accounted for when starting a business.
  • Understand your customer: Understanding the local population is a big requirement for starting a successful business. You need to understand what the customer needs and what they are missing. When you get an answer to this question, you can only think about filling the gap for any customer and creating a market for your business.

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We have curated for you the best business ideas in Kolkata. So, it’s time to research, figure out what is best for you, follow the best practices, and start your successful journey today.


Which business is profitable in Kolkata?

Some of the profitable businesses in Kolkata are the saree business, the fishing industry, affiliate marketing, small manufacturing unit and fast-food cloud kitchen.

How can I start a small business in Kolkata?

To start a small business in Kolkata, you would need to adhere to all legal criteria and complete the registration process as required by the Companies Act of India.

What business can I start with ₹10,000?

Some of the businesses you can start with ₹10,000 in Kolkata are affiliate marketing, breakfast point, online bakery store, tea stall, mobile repair, and personal trainer.

Is it mandatory to have a physical store for your business in Kolkata?

No. It is not mandatory to have an offline store to run a business in Kolkata. Every kind of business can be run online.

What is the average cost of maintaining a small business in Kolkata?

The average maintenance cost of a small business in Kolkata can be as low as ₹5000.

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