Pune is a developing city in Maharashtra located in the western part of the state. Once the Maratha capital, Pune has a significant history related to different Indian rulers. Also called the ‘Queen of Deccan,’ Pune is known for its huge impact on Maharashtra’s economic, social and cultural development. Pune’s fame skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic since the headquarters of Serum Institute of India (developer of Covaxin) are situated in the city. However, that’s not all of it. Pune has always been a great place for thinkers and innovators to create disruptions in the market. Today, we will discuss why you should consider Pune for your next business venture and which businesses can be your best bet to success.

Why Should you Start a Business in Pune?

1. Economically Sound: Pune is the seventh richest city in India, with a nominal GDP of USD 92 billion and per capita income standing at around USD 12,000. Higher income creates higher consumer spending chances, which may be a sought-after quality for new businesses.

2. Diverse Sectors: Pune is not dependent on a single industry for its huge GDP. The city has a diverse portfolio of sectors, including education, pharmaceuticals, textiles, technology, and service. Entrepreneurs have more choices for businesses to start in different industries flourishing in the city.

3. Education: Due to more than 800 prestigious educational institutions, Pune is also called the ‘Oxford of the East.’ The city has both rural and urban literacy rates standing above 80%. Educated populations make good customers and a good workforce for newer businesses.

4. Investment Hub: Pune is the second biggest investment destination in India, with major investments in infrastructure, technology, automotive, education, and pharmaceuticals. The city sees major interest from both domestic and foreign investors.

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List of 10 Best Business Ideas for Pune

Now that you know why Pune is one of the top cities to start a business, let us tell you some of the top ideas starting with some low-investment ideas and going all the way up to capital-intensive businesses.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Image of a laptop
Image of a laptop

Probably the best low-investment businesses anywhere in the world, Affiliate Marketing is a collaboration in which a marketer promotes an online retailer’s products/services and earns a commission on every sale or click he brings to the retailer’s website. You can easily do affiliate marketing through your smartphone or laptop with the help of a strong internet connection. Creating online content has become easier than ever in 2022. Find out what kind of content speaks to you, upload it on different platforms, and earn a decent following. Once you have decent numbers on your social media, you can become an affiliate marketer by promoting products for different online retailers.

2. Educational Consultant


Counselling has seen major players emerge in the last decade. Students from all over the country visit Pune to complete their higher education and get a good life for themselves. Many students need the right idea of how to make it in life when they graduate high school. Educational Consultants help students figure out a career path based on their individual ability and provide them with the necessary training to excel in every field – education, extracurriculars, interviews, cognitive thinking, and much more. You can become an educational consultant without having to invest a lot of money into the business.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Every company is looking for a digital presence today. However, most companies do not have the time and resources to figure out their social media campaigns, which is why they hire professionals to engage with audiences on the internet. Digital Marketing is a great business for individuals who have a great understanding of how the internet works. It involves different aspects like Website Development (developing and maintaining the website, uploading content, SEO, SSL, Meta Tags), Social Media Marketing (Videos and graphics on a platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Content Marketing (YouTube, Blogs, Forums, Podcasts, etc.), Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing and much more. However, you can specialize in a single field at first and expand as you go on. Learning Digital Marketing is also not hard or expensive, as several top-notch, affordable courses are available online.

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4. Real Estate Agent

Image of a beautiful Real Estate  property
Image of a beautiful Real Estate property

As Pune follows the footsteps of metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi, the importance of Real Estate Agents rises dramatically. Students, employees, and business people, everyone needs an office space or a home. Real estate agents build strong networks with constructors and lessors to provide the best spaces at the prices suited to their clients. Agents can earn huge amounts as commissions from corporate and individual clients.

5. Freelancing

Image of a freelancer girl
Image of a freelancer girl

More and more people are giving up traditional jobs to become freelancers. Freelancing allows entrepreneurs to earn from the flexibility of their homes, work anytime and earn as much as possible. You can provide any service and create a name for yourself. Transcription, Translation, App Development, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and Content Writing are some of the most famous freelancing jobs you can pick up. While there are some known platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Apna app, and Indeed, more websites are emerging every day that provides freelance work to talented individuals.

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6. Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Medicinal capsules
Medicinal capsules

With SII, the most famous pharma company of India, present in Pune among many other manufacturers, including Eisen, Intros, SAVA, Zyphar, etc., Pune is a hub for medicine development. Wholesalers can buy huge quantities from the manufacturers and start selling them with a margin to the retailers. This business may require some upfront investment but has a huge ROI since healthcare never goes out of business. Apart from medicines, you can also deal in healthcare equipment, machinery, hazmat suits, and much more.

7. Daycare

Children's playing in a play area
Children’s playing in a play area

Many people in Pune have regular employment that puts pressure on them in the early years of their child’s overall development. Daycare is a great way for parents to be carefree about the betterment of their children. When starting, entrepreneurs can open a daycare from their homes, gathering infants and pre-teenagers from their neighborhood. Daycares provide different facilities like speaking ability development, cognitive thinking, good manners, interpersonal skills, etc., and are a great way for individuals to earn without spending much in the early stages of their business.

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8. Coaching Institutions

Teacher teaching students
Teacher teaching students

As we said, Pune is an educational hub. Thousands of students come from all across the country to join prestigious institutions in the city. However, many resident students compete for government and private colleges. Due to high competition, it becomes very important for students to receive the best guidance in their preparation. You can become a subject teacher from the comfort of your home itself. As your business grows, you can gather more teachers for different subjects to create a full-fledged coaching center. The educational coaching business can be highly competitive and is highly based on word of mouth. So, make sure to provide the best facilities possible to the learners.

9. Tourist Agent

Image of a resort in Maldives
Image of a resort in Maldives

Pune is a top choice for history buffs and travelers from all over the world. The city has several historically and culturally significant locations like Osho Ashram, Aga Khan Palace, Pataleshwar, Shaniwar Wada, and Sinahgad Fort. You can start in any part of the tourism industry – hotels, café, restaurants, cabs, gift & souvenir shops, travel guides, etc. to create a successful business at a low investment cost.

10. Event Manager

View from a music concert
View from a music concert

Trends have drastically changed in the last decade when we discuss arranging and planning a party. Nowadays, people are more open to the idea of an event manager planning everything related to their celebration. If you have strong interpersonal skills and creativity, you can become a successful event manager for occasions like festival parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and much more. Event managers are responsible for everything related to a party, including location, catering, photography, decorations, parking, drinks, and much more.

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Pune is an up-and-coming location for businesses as well as job holders. Both traditional and modern ideas can potentially become success stories in the city. Now that you have an idea of the best low-investment business ideas in Pune, all that is left to do is research the field you are most passionate about and start putting pieces into place. Good luck!

Mansi Rana is an experienced content writer with 2 years of experience in creative storytelling. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Amity University, Mansi is passionate about helping creating micro-influencers through the power of affiliate marketing. When not writing for the Internet, she is a voracious researcher of all things beauty and fashion.


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