As a kid, were you someone who responded to a simple ‘hello’ with ‘bonjour’ or ‘Guten tag’? Well, congrats, your wonderful trait has some real moneymaking potential. With enough hard work and patience, you can be well on your way to earning money online by translating. The good news is that the demand for translation is always high. The industry is touted to be valued at $48 billion in 2021.

Use our guide to get started!

How much can you Earn as a Translator?

According to a report from (, the average basic salary of a translator in India is ₹399,990/year. But again, this is just an average estimation, the actual earnings can go up to 8 to 10 lakhs/per year.

Japanese and French Translators earn 90,000 per month on average. Your earnings can go up as you take on more projects.

Delhi is the best place for translators to work, with them earning an average of 48.3% more than the national average. 

Also, have a look at some different types of social media influencers.

 average basic salary of a translator report from (
Average basic salary of a translator report from

Skills to Become a Translator

1. Be more than ‘Fluent’

It is not news that to be a translator, you need to have exceptional language skills (written and spoken) in both your ‘Source’ (the language you will translate FROM) and ‘Target’ (the language you will translate to) language.

However, don’t worry if you are not ‘exceptional’ yet, there are multiple resources on the internet that can help you improve. Apps like Memrise, Duolingo, etc., have resources for all skill levels.

2. Choose your Niche

Translators are required in almost every field, from finance to healthcare. In fact, your expertise in the industry you want to work in may matter more than your translation skills to the clients. So, if you want to be a translator in a bank, get a degree in finance, if you want to work in International NGOs, get a degree in Social Work, etc.

Don’t worry if you are already done with college, there are many online platforms that provide specialisations and e-degrees.

3. Master the Tools

You would need to be proficient in Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools. And, no, Google Translate doesn’t count. You can get started by learning the free Open Source CAT tool OmegaT

4. Be a Cultural Sponge

Translation is not a job, it is an art. For this reason, major literary prizes are shared equally between the author and the translator. You need to understand well the customs, history, and cultural nuances of the countries in which the language is spoken. Read their books, watch their movies, etc., to up your game.

5. Get Certified

Although not an absolute requirement, translation certifications make it easier for clients to trust you. You would also need to take ‘Language Proficiency Tests’ like IELTS for English, TOPIK for Korean, etc.

6. Work those Soft Muscles

You would need to be a thorough professional to thrive in the translation industry since competition is fierce, most jobs are ad-hoc and are confidential in nature. Empathy, good listening skills, and open-mindedness will help to separate you from the crowd.

Now that you know that there is no easy road to the ‘Translation’ paradise, you should also know that there is indeed a lot of money to be made at the end of your hard-walked journey.

List of 5 Best Ways to Earn Money by Translating in India

1. Freelancing

The translation is a self-sufficient skill which makes it ideal for freelancing. Many brands continuously search for translators to translate their content online, but because translation is usually a contractual job, you would need to take on multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, you need a thorough knowledge of the current rates in the market for different kinds of projects. Make sure your rates match the times, the industry, and your experience. According to Payscale, the average annual income of a translator in India is ₹3,98,516. You can earn even more, but that all depends on the hard that you put into it.

Top places to get a Freelancing Translation Job:

2. Find a Job at Translation Agency

You can look up several companies like Indian Translator, Ideal Lingua Translations, Language Service Bureau, etc. They usually have openings for freelancers as well.

There is also a huge demand for translators and interpreters (a Translator excels in the written form, whereas an Interpreter excels in the spoken form) at International Agencies like the UN, World Economic Forum, etc.

3. Sign up for Translating Websites

Here, users submit documents that need translating, some sites like One Hour Translation Limited will pay you for each document that you translate, whereas others like Unbabel and Translator’s Town will pay you on an hourly basis.

4. Translate Blogs of Companies

Many companies maintain blogs, and most of them are eying a global presence. This has created a need to maintain multi-language blogs. Try directly emailing them, as an open position is rarely publicized.

5. Teach Online

You can have your own YouTube channel where you give language lessons. You can also sell your Translation Courses at many of the existing online learning platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, Khan Academy, etc.

However, this requires some hard-earned expertise, and a better place to start can be your own website or a blog. This will not only allow you to build a personal brand but will also allow you to earn clients easily.

We hope that our comprehensive guide will help you kick-start your Translating career. Bonne Chance!

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How do I get started as a translator?

Anyone can easily start being and translator by following these simple steps:
1. Learn your language properly and become (more than ‘Fluent’)
2. Get specialization training
3. get certifications
4. Choose and Target your ‘Niche,’ Learn the most common terminologies.
5. Get some work experience.

How much do you get paid to translate?

As mentioned above and average translators get paid somewhere around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs yearly.

Can you get paid to be a translator?

Yes, there are many platforms like Gengo, TranslatorsCafe, Scribendi, OneSky and etc., where you can translate and get paid.

Which language translator pays the most?

With an average pay scale of $60,000 per year, German is at the top of the list of highest-paying translation languages in the world, followed by Spanish and French.

Can I be a translator without a degree?

The simple answer to this common question is, ‘Yes,’ you can be a translator without a degree at all.

Some Other Ways to Earn Money:

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