Affiliate marketing has long been done with the help of websites and blogs. Search engines have been the preferred location for affiliate marketers to generate sales. And even today, more than 69% of affiliate marketers depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring new leads and conversions for their partners. But does that mean that affiliate marketing can only be done through a website? Well, the answer is no. Today, let us discuss the various aspects of affiliate marketing and how you can earn money through affiliate marketing without building a website. Let us begin!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we start, let us quickly understand what Affiliate Marketing is. Affiliate marketing is the process through which an online creator or a marketer generates commission by bringing traffic, leads, or sales to an online retailer’s website. Affiliate marketers use different tactics and platforms to engage with the public and bring revenue to their partners.

Why Should you Start Affiliate Marketing?

1. Emerging Industry

Affiliate marketing is a fast-growing industry. The market size for the same doubled from $8 billion in 2016 to $17 billion in 2023. The industry still has a long way to go, and people looking to enter the market can create a good income stream for themselves.

2. Low Barrier to Entry

Unlike other industries and businesses, affiliate marketing requires no money or minimum qualifications to start. People can start as early as middle school and earn from their affiliate business.

3. Variety of Options

A lot of companies have built a solid online presence in 2023. Many of these companies have set up affiliate programs to generate sales. More than 80% of brands have an affiliate program at present. Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to partner with different companies from different industries, ranging through industries, sizes, niches etc.

4. Minimal Investment

Affiliate marketers do not need to invest anything into their business. They can start earning through just a laptop and an internet connection. Affiliate programs and many affiliate websites are free to join, which will help affiliate marketers in earning their first buck.

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List of 10 Best Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website

1. Social Media

social media affiliate marketing
Here is an example of social media affiliate marketing. Anna is promoting Armani Beauty products. Source

Social media is one of the best tools for affiliate marketers to reach a wide range of potential consumers from all over the world. It includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Affiliate marketers can build them following through constant high-quality content creation and ultimately start promoting affiliate products. Check out how you can become successful with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

2. Messaging Apps

Here is an example of a Telegram channel promoting affiliate deals. Source

If you are someone who wants to earn through affiliate marketing without creating content, then messaging apps are your best friend. These include platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Groups, and more. You can create communities and groups on these platforms and share lucrative affiliate deals daily. Community building is a slow process, but once you get going, the commission can be huge.

3. Forums

Forum illustration
Forum illustration

Forums are a great way for those affiliate marketers who are interested in content writing. People can answer certain questions in their niche and can establish themselves as an expert in their field on any platform. Different forums include Quora, Reddit, Discord etc. Once you have a decent number of followers, you can create dedicated articles for your affiliate partners or subtly include them in your answers itself.

4. Podcasts

Podcast illustration
Podcast illustration

India is ready to see a Podcast Revolution. According to recent reports, the number of Podcast listeners in India stood at 90 million at the end of 2022, and the number is set to multiply in the coming decade. Content creators can create podcasts on any topic. It can be an interview, a review podcast, a group conversation, or anything else. Pick the topic and style you find that works for you and start building a listener base. You can incorporate affiliate deals in your podcasts by dedicating a part of your episode to them or generally inculcating the advertiser in the middle of your episode. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. are the top choices where you can publish your podcast.

5. Streaming Platforms

Influencer streaming illustration
Influencer streaming illustration

Streaming platforms like Twitch, Discord, Facebook Gaming etc., are great places for people who like to have live conversations with people over the internet. These are also great platforms for gamers. Content creators can easily incorporate affiliate deals in their live streams and promote viewers to try different products/services.  

6. Video Sharing Platforms

Here is an example of placing affiliate links in YouTube video description. Source

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo work best for people who are interested in creating video content. Affiliate marketers can use short-form content to gain major traction on their channel and gradually create long-form content to gather a loyal fanbase. Affiliate links can be easily placed in video captions, and marketers can generally describe the affiliate products at the beginning or end of their video.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing illsutration
Email marketing illsutration

Email Marketing is an affordable way for affiliate marketers to bring conversions to their affiliate links. Marketers can use platforms like MailChimp to send out links to their existing email list. A comprehensive email list can be built by gathering information from different resources like social media, online surveys, job networks and more.

8. Write Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posting involves providing valuable content to well-established blogs or websites within your field. This strategy enables you to leverage their existing audience and increase exposure for your affiliate marketing endeavours. Search for popular blogs or websites that centre around topics relevant to your niche. Consider domain authority, audience engagement, and how closely the target audience aligns with your chosen affiliate products. Reach out to the blog owners or editors and present your ideas for guest blog posts. Emphasize the value and unique insights you can offer their readership. Highlight your expertise and explain how your content will benefit their audience.

9. Utilize Online Classifieds

Utilize online classifieds platforms to effectively promote affiliate products or services to individuals actively seeking them. Conduct research to identify popular online classifieds platforms in India, such as OLX, Quikr, or Craigslist. Determine which platforms have a substantial user base and attract your desired target audience. Create compelling advertisements that effectively showcase the advantages and unique features of the affiliate products you are promoting.

10. Create an eBook or Digital Product

Developing an eBook or digital product presents a valuable opportunity to leverage your expertise and indirectly promote affiliate products. Start by selecting a topic that aligns with your niche and resonates with your target audience’s interests or pain points. Ensure that the chosen topic has sufficient demand and offers relevant affiliate products to promote.

Conduct comprehensive research on your selected topic and create a well-crafted eBook or digital product. Within the content, provide valuable insights, practical tips, or step-by-step guides that directly address the needs of your target audience. Integrate your affiliate links strategically throughout the eBook or digital product by recommending complementary products or services that enhance the content. Ensure that the placement of affiliate links feels organic and genuinely adds value to the reader’s experience.

Types of Content that Gain Quick Audience

1. How-to Content

How-to content is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your content as well as your overall profile. You can teach people about how different things work in your niche. For example, video editors can teach the basics of video editing software. People generally like to save, share, and comment on these videos which ultimately helps in tweaking the algorithm in your favour.

2. Product Reviews

Product reviews include talking about the latest products and services in the market and telling people your honest opinions. You must choose your industry. For example, you can become a reviewer for gadgets, toys, smartphones, games, footwear, beauty products etc. Creating consistent review videos under a single industry will help you in establishing yourself as a trustworthy figure on the network.

3. Lists

Lists are a great way to use different brand names and use them to your advantage. Some examples include the Top 10 smartphones under ₹15,000, the Top 10 sneakers under ₹10,000 etc. You can create graphics, videos or written content for this type of content.

4. Resource Content

People from different fields and backgrounds often surf the internet to find resources for a particular job. Let us take the example of a video editor again. Video editors generally require stock images, stock videos, video editing assets, software etc. on a daily basis. You can create content to guide people toward the best resources in the market and can build a good following for your channel.

5. Deals & Coupons

Indians love online shopping. This is a fact. And when someone helps them buy online products at cheaper prices without compromising the quality, Indians reward these people with their constant support and loyalty. Affiliate marketers can easily share top affiliate deals in the form of deals and coupons with their network and start earning commissions.

Tips to Start and Grow your Affiliate marketing Income Without Website

1. Create Unique Content

Content creators must always focus on creating original and utmost unique content. You can take inspiration from other creators but adding your own touch to your content is what sets you apart.

2. Be Consistent

Creating content consistently is what will help you in getting decent engagement on any online platform. Stay active on the platform that you choose. Even if you do not upload content daily, try to interact with other creators on the platform. Sharing other people’s efforts on your profile is also a great way to showcase yourself as a part of the community.

3. Trustworthy Affiliates

Always engage in partnerships with the best affiliates in the market. Do not associate with shady, low-quality manufacturers as it will derogate not only your commission but also your reputation.

4. Be Data Driven

Pay constant attention to the analytics dashboard on your chosen platform. These insights will help you in understanding your audience better and you will be able to provide better content to your viewers on a constant basis.

5. Share on Different Platforms

Share your work with your friends, colleagues, and family on different platforms. Try to bring engagement from different sources available all across the internet.


Affiliate marketing can be done effectively without making a fancy website. If you have come this far, we are sure that you must now have an idea about what you need to do to become an affiliate marketer without necessarily creating a website. Follow the best practices and start your affiliate marketing journey today. Good luck!

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Can we do affiliate marketing without a website?

Yes. You can absolutely do affiliate marketing without a website. Here are the 7 best ways:

1. Social Media
2. Messaging apps
3. Forums
4. Podcasts
5. Streaming platforms
6. Video-sharing platforms
7. Email marketing

What are the requirements to start affiliate marketing?

To begin affiliate marketing follow the steps below:

1. Decide on a niche
2. Choose a platform
3. Find affiliate programs to join
4. Create unique and engaging content
5. Drive traffic to the partner website

Can a normal person do affiliate marketing?

Anyone can begin affiliate marketing. There are no specific expertise or qualifications required to be an affiliate. All you need is a good internet connection and a working laptop.

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